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  1. Luckers, for what it's worth, I believe I remember reading in an interview that RJ made peaches poisonous just as a quirk of the world.
  2. Cuendillar can only be made out of iron; it's been specified that the harbor chains were already iron. Turn iron white, bam, cuendillar.
  3. This is the same reaction I had when I saw this posted. I foresee Universal making one main character named Ranaterrin and screwing the whole thing up.
  4. This. I knew right off what the dying man's "We are coming" meant, but it was just a great scene.
  5. Given the gaps we had between other Wheel books, we, as fans, are fairly conditioned to waiting. We're excited, but it's tempered by experience.
  6. I was told during my bachelor party that the difference between naked and nekkid is the following: Naked: Not wearing clothes. Nekkid: Having fun, while happening to not have clothes on.
  7. Setalle Anan. And, honestly, I expect her to be Healed in aMoL.
  8. As the series wore on, the more tired I grew of Min. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was her insistence of going to meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Everyone was of the opinion that it was probably a trap, but she insisted on going. There was, quite literally, no way she was indispensable to that meeting. Her viewings would not say something to the effect of "She will betray you in five minutes" and had it been legit, then she would have had the opportunity to view her later on. She cost Rand his hand and clouded his thinking when he needed as few distractions as possible
  9. They were talking about opening the Book of Translation to leave the world, but there hadn't been consensus yet.
  10. I am EXTREMELY SORRY!!! I loved Narnia- I was thinking of the Golden Compass. The Golden Compass movie was just %$#@&*! His Dark Materials trilogy is one of my most favourite series and I was SO looking forward to the movie and-it-was-HORRIBLE! Apologies again for the error: Narnia was great! I'll go back and edit it. Thanks for helping me spot the error sombrastewart! I was terribly confused by that. :) No, please. Honestly, I believe that would turn off a great many people, myself included. Restricting what is supposed to be a broad-base appeal
  11. No, I'm not interested in seeing this series made committed to film... How in God's name was Narnia a letdown? They were extremely faithful adaptations.
  12. These are the same guys that did the New Spring comics, right? I enjoyed those greatly, and thought the art was fantastic, so I'm looking forward to it. For what it's worth, it'll be a great way to get folks I know into the story without intimidating them with a pile of books.
  13. Whether this is true or not, she did help him. And there's no way of knowing how soon he would have gotten there. The Wheel weaved her in with him, partially to help make him into a leader.
  14. As to the whole "Faile should have known how Two Rivers men are," stop and consider for a minute: the Saldean customs are natural to her, so even if she stopped to think "That's how he thinks he's supposed to behave," it still comes off as unnatural to her, or maybe she's just reacting emotionally. I know that I've been angry about things that logically don't make sense, but I was still just plain mad anyway. Faile is the person that helped Perrin grow into the leader of the Two Rivers. Getting capture forced him to mature as more of a leader, yes, but she helped him long before that.
  15. I'm fairly certain it was an Aes Sedai that said that, but I honestly can't tell you where. Ah, ninja'd in better detail.
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