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Siuan's choice of Ajah

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Have just been rereading 'New Spring' and read a passage from Moiraine's point of view saying that Siuan had picked the Blue as an Ajah for after she was raised, but M thought there was a good chance that S would pick Green.


My question is, how would events have been played differently if S had picked Green?


Would she still have been raised as Amyrlin? Or gone off travelling with M?


Would they have gone their seperate ways looking for the Dragon Reborn, and what would have happened had S found Rand first?


Would M have even met Lan, and would he have become her warder if she had been with S?


Thoughts please!

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I don't think that much would've changed. Siuan would have still been the same person she is as a blue, just diffrent Ajah. She would have still been ambitous and more then likely still got chose a Amyrlin. Besides how would Siuan being green effect Lan and Moiraine?

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Nothing much would have changed at least at the beginnig. Morraine and Suain decided that it would be best that morraine be the outsider and Suain the Insider as their respective skills complimented the different duties each had to acomplish in order to find and guide the Dragon. Now whether things would have turned out differently over the long run is debatable. Remember Suain's role in the Rebel camp was initially based on the fact that she had been the Blue Ajah's spy master prior to being raised to Amerilyn so that she had the ability to contact not only the Amerlyn's spy network but also the blue Ajah's network. From what information we have we do not know if she would have had the oppertunety to be the Green Ajah's spymaster.  Moreover it should be remembered that one of the things considered in raising a particular sister to Amerlyn is interAjah politics. Would the Hall of Sitters Choose Suain if she was Green and not Blue? Its hard to say.

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   I can see Siuan being Green very easily and there are a lot of Aes Sedai that do work together on projects even if they are different ajahs. Think about this hypothetical situation.


   Moiraine has already met Lan, and its about the time for Rand's coming of age. Both Siuan and Moiraine heard the prophecy together and have been searching for Rand with Siuan protecting Moiraine with her and her warders until Lan comes into the picture. Now, knowing Rand is who they have been searching for, they protect him together and hopefully keep him close along with his friends. With both the blue and the green, hopefully the tower would accept him more.


   I don't know, but that's one senario.


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I dont know how it would have changed events in the past, but I have to say I was slightly surprised when Siuan went down the predictable path and went back to the Blue after being healed - I had partly expected her to take the green, with her knowledge of what had happened, and what was still to come.

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