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Finally done lurking...

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Hello, everyone.  I'm Quisalas, and I just started reading the Wheel of Time books in February or so, when Raeyn mentioned Dragonmount on her radio show, that I listen to.  I've got a White Tower initiate in the works, and her brother, who will eventually be a warder.  I'm not quite done with their bios yet, but I figured I ought to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me from KoL and say hi.


Hi. :)


I've been playing D&D for about twenty years now, roleplaying online in chat rooms and message boards for about 12 years, and been a general lover of fantasy for as long as I can remember.  Even my chosen handle, Quisalas, is a word in elven from the Dragonlance novels.  I'm a stay at home mother of three kids, ages 7, 4, and 2 (until this fall, when they all have birthdays) and married to the best guy in the world. Jay is now reading Wheel of Time (he's on the second book) and will probably end up joining me here, too.  I'm extremely fond of animals, especially cats and horses, and when my youngest is in school I'm planning on going back to college to see my Veterinary degree through to completion.  I am a voracious reader, as reading the 11 books of the series (almost done with the prequel) in 3 months should tell you, and I enjoy writing and drawing as well.  I haven't drawn anyone from the Wheel of Time series, but I think the little picture of Mat up at the top left of my screen looks too girly to be him. ;)  I'm also a fan of anime and video games, my favorite of the latter combining them both: Disgaea.  Writing has always been a passion with me, writing fantasy and children's stories especially.  I've dabbled in other areas but usually run out of gumption before I manage to see those stories through to completion. Also, I'm a complete nerd and tend to pursue geeky interests, including a deep love of math and general knowledge.


I've been reading lots of the posts on Dragonmount, from several of the divisions, and I'll probably end up posting in multiple areas.  I still don't know which Ajah my Selenessin will choose, so feel free to try to sway me.  Oh, and I chose this screen name before I met Lanfear aka Selene, but I was deeply amused when the evil seductress had the same name I chose.  ^_^


So now you know something about me. :)  I look forward to learning stuff about all of you as well.

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Welcome! I share a lot of the same interests except for the math! ;)


I'm Sylvirci, Syl for short, and I play in four of the DIVs. You can read more about me in the Warders and Black Tower DIVs, and I'm also in the White Tower and the Congress of Shadow DIVs as well. I am also in three of the ORGs, WT, SG and BT.


Hope you enjoy your time here at DM and have fun!



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I have actually read about you, Syl. :)  I spent a fair bit of this morning in the Warders' Yard, meandering around and reading.  Mostly in the Div boards because if I started reading threads and roleplay I'd want to dive in without waiting for my bios to be finished and then CC'ed.  You'll be seeing more of me, though. 


And math is fun!  I always liked it better than English and Humanities because 2+2 always equals 4, no matter what symbolism the teacher decides to read into a book whose author is 400 years dead and can't contradict.  I always disliked having to give the opinion that the teacher wanted to hear, especially when a different teacher wanted you to say something else about the same book.


Thank you both for the welcome. :)

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Welcome to DM!


I see you got roped in by Raeyn. *shakes head slowly* Poor, poor you. Anyway, glad you enjoy the series, and hope you can have some fun here.


By the looks of things, you are well set for the RP side. Don't forget to have a sneaky peak at those of us in the ORGs. We offer a variety of topics. And listening to Raeyn's show, you must be a music fan...so why not pop by the Band of the Red Hand ORG, which is DM's travel and music ORG. We've got a gaggle (what a great word! :)) of music related activities going on at the moment, so feel free to join in.


But whatever you end up doing, have fun at DM! :)

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Welcome!  It's so nice to see new writers around :)  I'm in a fair few of the divisions and am loving every minute of it.  If you need any help or anything, just ask :)  I'm more than happy to help. 


*hugs*  If you're around the RP it'd be lovely to write with you when you find your feet :)

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you hun.  :-[


I have been quite busy in the ORGS and talking to one of our wonderful Div Leaders. Still really busy at the moment but I can always make time to help, or finish greeting, a newcomer. ;) :D


Math is a truth unto itself and you hit the nail on the head for why I don't enjoy it much anymore. Teachers, there are just too many with different opinions for my taste. :P


I wanted personally say thank you for reading some of my RP posts. That is twice in the last week I have been noticed and had it mentioned.*Blushes* I am quite honored to hear that others are taking an interest in what I write.


Please come on down to the DIVs and join me and Jehaine in our quest to make more RPs, but the ORGs have lots of activities and discussions worth visiting as well.


To voice a comment that is already here, enjoy DM no matter where you decide to go. There are a lot of great people here in both sides of DM and I'm sure you'll find friends easily here. I know I did! :D


Enjoy and welcome hun!





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Thank you all for the welcome. :)  I'm just about done feeling out my initial character and should have the bio turned in within a few days.  The past week's been all kinds of hectic, what with the end-of-school-year stuff for my oldest, but hopefully now I can settle down into an easier routine.


I finished the prequel and then read a few of Brandon Sanderson's books.  I'm even more excited for Memory of Light now.  I think he'll do a fine job with it.  I just hope he gets a chance to continue writing Wheel of Time books, once the Rand arc is complete.  I'd love to see books set during the age of legends and Hawkwing and books wholly specific to the Aiel or Seanchan - people who had whole histories and stuff completely aside from the mainland history.  I don't know if it would ever happen, but it would make me so happy.

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