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need help finding a new Piano Keyboard

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allright, i'm deciding to purchase a new keyboard, but i'm sort of picky on the type i want.


see i'm getting it in order to bypass having to take up music lessions to learn around 4 songs.  i have no idea how to read piano sheet music btw so this is what i'm looking for in my new keyboard.


-teaches right hand AND left hand parts of the song, with the ability to switch between one, or the other, or both

-keys that light up in addition to the LCD screen which shows you where to place your fingers

-teaches you the FULL song, not just 1/2 or 1/4 of it.

-must have songs are

                                  Fur Elise

                                  Pachelbel Cannon (D Minor)

                                  Moonlight Sanata

                                  Claire de Lune


the first 3 songs are musts, and the 4th is one i'd like to have in the song bank.  again, i want the full song, not just part. 



any suggestions??

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Radio Shack used to sell just such a product :)  They probably still do, so check them out.


with the entire songs??  i've been looking and the most i can find is 1/2 of Fur Elise int he song bank.  we have a few radio shacks around here, as well as Best Buy and Circut City.  i was going to go there, as wll as a Toy Store.\



Have you tried eBay? It's amazing what you can find on there. It also tends to be cheaper, plus you can find either used or brand new items as well.



i perfer Amazon, because i've had really good results with it.  also, i like to get the things new if i can.  with a key board, because there are so many parts to it and its fragile to being bumped around, i'd really rather get it at a store and bring it home than have it shipped.  i may use Ebay to search out what type of keyboard i'm lookign for though



thanks everyone for your replies, i appreciate all the help i can get :)


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Reading music isn't that scary - if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up and I can give you a rough run-through :)


compared to Clarinet music, paino music is rather scary and spastic looking lol

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