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Blacks please look here


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Ok so this is what I would like done


That page may need updating, what this means is I need to know these things. All Ajah Members please contribute and post info here:

1. Do you want the paragraph to stay the same.

2. The graphic, I would like to see it changed, so can you do graphics, know someone who can, or can you post about it on the siggy request page. It needs to be the same size but all the graphics on the website belong to Andrea. *Sign up here if you want to do this*

3. Who is Ajah Head, her name and her contact info, if there isn't one, we need to get an NSW bio out of the archives or find out who was ajah head last and work with that.

4. Sitters, you need to decide who is Sitter (ie the council I believe), if you don't have any Sitters than we need to find NSW bios and get those added onto the website. Also need their contact info.

5. Members- who are your members, do you have any and what is their contact info.

6. Do you have an offsite website, do you plan on starting one, do you want to find out if someone can help you do one?


Thanks guys!

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Ok this is what it will look like, is this ok with you guys.


Ajah Mission

Shrouded in secrecy and intrigue, the rumor of the Black Ajah had plagued the Tower almost since it’s inception. The truth that no Aes Sedai wants to admit though, is that the eighth Ajah exists and flourishes under the Hall’s current political strife. Each member knows only the 2 other Sedai in their ‘heart’. The supreme council sits above them all and only they know the truth about the Ajah’s members and it’s ultimate goals.


Concepts Most Likely to Join


Anyone. Your best friend could be one of them. The Sister you have whispered with since novice days. There is no type for the Black Ajah. Only the shadow knows what ties bind them.


Current Leadership


Unknown, for obvious reasons. Don’t try to find us, or we’ll find you…


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not sure what happened in here since i went awol, i see the info tread i put up is still there, one of the things i did was make the head a ooc position only based on logic of little info from books + situation of psw and whatnot, making the council the leading facility of the ajah and the members of it equals, and making it so they were chosen by the great lord for service to him (ie by proving themself capable), which is also where they gained the knowledge of who the remaining ajah was as he would have full oversight


also i am sure in one way or another the changes in the shadow structure would reflect back on this ajah, how is another question, but in the end the ajah is a union of shadow soldiers first, and not wt citizens, hence not above and beyond what goes on structure wise in the shadow...


which is also something that the ajah migth pick apart to get some rp stuff going

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