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Attention Greens


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Ok so this is what I would like done


That page may need updating, what this means is I need to know these things. All Ajah Members please contribute and post info here:

1. Do you want the paragraph to stay the same.

2. The graphic, I would like to see it changed, so can you do graphics, know someone who can, or can you post about it on the siggy request page. It needs to be the same size but all the graphics on the website belong to Andrea. *Sign up here if you want to do this*

3. Who is Ajah Head, her name and her contact info. (My contact info is wrong)

4. Sitters, you need to decide who the Sitters are. Also need their contact info. (We have two, we need to decide who the third is)

5. Members- who are your members, what is their contact info.

6. Do you have an offsite website, do you plan on starting one, do you want to find out if someone can help you do one?


Thanks guys!

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Yup that thing is so outdated but with everything I am doing, it's right down around the middle of my list. *G* Thanks sweetie, anything you can do helps alot, also don't forget to post your contact info ie email for the website.

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You're sweet *hugs*


Does it need to be done ASAP? I won't get my desktop back until my mom and I move into the new house on the 16th. So I'm thinking it'll be done by the 18th or 19th. But if it needs to be done before that then I guess I can go stalk Mearlynn and use her computer at school  :P

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Ok ladies please check this out, any help that can be offered with making that paragraph longer would be great. I am spelling these names from memory so bare with me. Also please add your contact details, I will be puttin this [a] to make avoid spam bots.


Ajah Mission

The Green Ajah is widely known as the Battle Ajah. Their Sisters are on the front line of every fight against the Shadow. Only Greens are allowed more than one Warder and there is a reason for it: the Greens need extra protection while battling the Dark One. The Sisters learn and use battle weaves and devise new ones. Preparing for Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle, is a central part of the Green Ajah.


As the Ajah of sacrifice, the Green Sisters are willing to risk their own lives, and that of their multiple Warders, to protect and help those in need. The Green Ajah stands ready.


Concepts most likely to join


Warrior Spirits, Shadow haters


Current Leadership


Head of the Ajah* / Sitter Jaydena Mackanthur jaydenasedai[a]gmail[.]net

Sitter Eadon Isolde ShakespearesLady[a]verizon[.]net

Sitter Loraine Kilaine Loraine.kilaine[a]gmail[.]com

Sister Cemarillinin ata.dorje[a]gmail.com

Sister Dulcinea Velasques muirenn@gmail.com

Sister Gaea Berend wessick [at] hotmail.com

Sister Janine Alastarn quibby1[a]gmail[.]com

Sister Karissa Sweger matalina[a]gmail[.]com

Sister Kaylan Morin kaylans[a]gmail[a]com

Sister Rasheta Ardashir girlpower_1549[a]msn[.]com


Website: http://battleajah.net/RP/


*Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who is head of the Ajah icly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Green Ajah members call their Ajah Head the Captain-General. Sitters are called Banner-Captains.


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