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Approved WY bio for Belgorion- Please CC


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a m e s a k e :

Full |birth| Name:Belgorion Ikorit Iamarsa.

Spoken |used| Name: Belgorion or Bel

Acquired |aliases| Names: none

Proclaimed |title| Name: None.


n u m e r i c a l :

Appearing Age: XXIV

Factual Age: XXIV


s o c i o l o g i c a l :

Classes: Artist of War -- Swordsman novice -- .

Profession: wanderer ( will attempt entry into the white tower and to become a warder)

Alignment: White Tower

Marital Status: Single.



b i o l o g i c a l :

Height: Five foot, eleven inches. [5'11"]

Weight: One hundred, fifty pounds. [175 lbs]

Hair: Blond

Eye: blue.

Blood Type: O+.  Body Art: A dagger with a great serpent curled about it on the inside of his right thigh.


Scar Tissue: None, without.

Birthmark: None, without.  Genetics unknown (Andorian born in Caemlyn he just doesn't know this so its unknown in profile)

Ascension:former thief.

Attributes:  quick hands, and wits.

Immunity: none.


p o l e m o l o g y :

Birthed: Natural warrior

Learned: basic swordsmanship

Primary Discipline: speed

Sub-Discipline: Strength, and intelligence.




Armed: Rapier.

-- type:. Basic.

– style Slashing.:

-- creator: unknown.

-- paragon: Physical

-- faculty: Lightweight used to bleed opponent out, and overwhelm.

-- blade length: Two foot, eight inches [2'8”].

-- overall:Three foot, seven inches [6'7"].

-- blade thickness: Half an inch [Core].



Armed:light chain mail

-- type: Armor.

-- style: Light Defense.

– creator unknown

-- paragon: Defense.

-- faculty: Used mostly by cavalry, and fencers for defense of speed based warriors.





a t t i r e :


Feet: Black leather boots.

Legs:. Black silken trousers (usually of Brocade type)


Hands: Black leather gloves


Upper Body, I Black Silken shirt,


Upper Body, ii: Sturdy black traveling cloak, and hood.

Face: without.

Head: without


Battle Attire.(not yet acquired)




Face: None, without.



a c c e s s o r i e s : Star pendant.


.Type: gift.


History: artifact left by Belgorions parents as a keep sake.




k i n d r e d : Unknown.



______x____ artist of war:


p r o f i c e n c y :





Mental Focus: The ability too think, and quickly resolve situations or form action plans.





k i n e s i s :

none, compensated by sub skill in archery.






Taken in by a thief whom worked the streets of Caemlyn, he was exposed to the hardest parts of life at an early age, and has no idea whom his parents were. He lived on the streets with his mentor, and friend Kadaz until the age of twenty one. When in his thirst for adventure he convinced the old man too journey with him.


This journey ended tragically due to his youth, when he insisted on skirting the blight far too closely, when he and Kadaz came face to face with a fade. He was only saved by Kadaz, whom pushed him from a cliff to save his life before being dispatched by the fade. Left for dead he awakened hours later, and staggered blindly through the desert before being picked up by a Tuathan caravan.


They nursed him back to health, but as of the present time he has yet to regain his memories save for his name . Yet driven by an urge to wonder, he finally left his saviors, and friends in search of himself. Returning ironically to Caemlyn, where he later dispatched several thugs o, whom were wrongly harassing an old peddler. This was done without drawing a single drop of blood, and drew the attention of the old man, who suggested that a young man with a sword arm such as his should pledge it in service to Caemlyn, or journey to Tar Valon, and learn the arts of the warders.


With no real direction in life, Belgorion has become resolve in his desire to become a warder, and journey to the white tower.

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1 not sure i got half the above stuff... is it from D&D?


anyhow further to his history..where is it he travels exactly? desert? the aiel one...all the way to the bligth boarder?  in a unhostile land where only the tinkers are left alone by the aiels? or through the mainland towards the bligth, and through it into the desert?


basicaly i find the history unclear and posible unrealistic but hard to say as its unclear what is ment to have happened with this trainee to be?

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Ok, and yes it is I guess a D&D style layout, but as far as his travels he was a wanderer of sorts, a very impulsive young man in the past whom payed for it, and was lucky enough to get out of it alive. Now he is searching for his direction, and believes hes found it.


As far as Unrealistic goes, a young man traveling far in search of himself, and coming into trouble is very realistic, and the slight unlikeliness of the events adds to the depth of the char, and as you will see if I ever get to posts, shows greatly in his mind set, and attitude toward things. If you would like me to edit something in the profile though, say so.


as for the vagueity this is due to the angle I take with the char, his past is not so important as his future and I hope to let his time on the site shape him in far larger ways than the stuff I wrote in a preliminary bio. Though if your one of those who wants a detailed blow by blow of everything he did to get where he is now right down to the path he took to leave the city when he started his journey, and how he came to be there in the first place. Please IM me at blind_guardian_reborn on yahoo. I would would really like to keep those things from being spoiled on site until I have had the opportunity to reveal them in an in character fashion.

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Ok now that I understand better the question lets see if I can answer it. Of course there are events which lead to him being in his location in the blight, I intend to elaborate more upon that as my char progresses and his memories begin to be returned to him. I assure you with time the little vagueities in his history will be revealed. I am sorry if I was unclear in my desire to leave such things a mystery for now.

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i think you need to speak with eqwina as you likely then need to deliver 2 bio's, the one for posting, and the one where you reveal all the big events in the chars life acording to bio rule of including any major events in a chars life (so we can check that they are acording to rules)


however what confused me was the part about the bligth and the desert, and where he is, did he walk through the bligth to the desert, or did he walk through the desert to the bligth and back? or are they like you seemed to say to me in the PM two unrelated events, in which case this need to be specified in an understandable way, as they seem to be part of the same story.



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I really have to problem with the wandering or with the fact that the character cannot remember much about his early life. I do not see that as a problem. I have seen many bios much short and with less direction.


Ata- why would two bios be needed?


The one issue I do have is the age. I thought the Roman Numeral was 14, apparently I am being told it is 24, which of course is not allowed. *blames the school system that she never learned her roman numerals*




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i know it has been done before, i tried to PM by the users intiative to understand the story...but i can not grasp the link of skirting bligth to being in the desert ie waste


for all i can understand there is a planed story there already that is undescided how will be revealed, which is fine, but at the curent moment either it need to be rewriten in a way that its understandable in where he is geographicaly, or he submits a second write up of the story to the staff so its logicaly understandable in a way we can know that its doable and within the rules




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Just my two bits here but, I think of you look closely at the color maps in the beginning of each book there is a part of the blight north of the wastes. Mind you I am saying this without a book in front of me, but I have used some of the less well known places on the maps myself & had to point them out the bio checkers before. Hope this helps.


P.S. I googled a map & found one from the RJ approved MUD. Here's the address:




Click on the big color one & you'll see.

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*nods* male Aiel channnelers and young Aiel seeking to make a name for themselves would often head out into the Blight, and from what i've read they're not on friendly terms with the Shienarians. It makes sense for there to be a land passage between the Waste and the Blight, but the real problem lies in the amount of mountains in between, as well as the simple question of what they'd be doing that far out without any reason to whatsoever. They (Belg and Kadaz) would need to be at the other side of the Niamh passes at least without being spotted by any Aiel sentries, would need to know a safe route along said mountains and -- most importantly -- have enough supplies to be able to walk around in a hostile desert environment where literally everyone and everything is out to kill them.


Shadowspawn kills non-Shadowspawn, Aiel kill non-Aiel. And sometimes they aren't that discriminate.


Appreciate you posting the map though (even if i have it bookmarked already) ^^;

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nods but normal asumption is meeting shadowspawn in the borderland, and there is no bit saying he traveled through the waste first and how that feat was managed


in that case i'd say that bit of it would need aiel ie FL cc


its not clear however what is the case, which means there is many options and some more unlikely then others, by the PMs i got i got the feel it migth even be 2 different stories


its because of all this that the point bligth to desert need to be clarified around, and if the user got the full story the easier way for him is simply deliver it to the staff so that it can be aproved in its fullness as a bio (not nesicarily needing to be posted public), as this can also save him from future rp aprovals on any posible major events? of the chars life that will be revealed through retro flashes in rp settings where its natural to trigger memory of such events


I realise he wants to write and it just seems the faster route to clear it all up for him, to simply write it up for eqwina and the bio can be then mailed to an apropriate second bio checker, or posted on the staff board, or mailed to the adm's for CC...whichever is more suitable...so that he can start writing

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