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The Horn

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I don't think we'll know.  unless we get an epiloque waaaaaaaaayyyyy in the future with someone else blowing the Horn again.


Actually, that would be kind of cool.  The very last epilogue,


The wheel of time turns and ages come to pass.  In an age long past, an age yet to come, called the sixth age by some, Juriy Harnton muttered a fervent prayer to the Creator and, unsure of exactly what to expect, raised the golden horn to his lips...

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    I agree with Dreadlord even though he's not "ordinary" being tav'eren. I still think he should for not only his memories, but I just like Mat. He's lucky, he can kick butt (see Galad and Gawyn's bruises, lol) and he is a great General, even if he won't admit it himself.


    If you want an ordinary person, Lan would be a perfect fit, but we could name several more.


    Davram Bashere



    Gaul (or pretty much any aiel man or woman if woman I like Bain or Chiad, or both


    The thief taker from Tear (I can't remember his name)


    Flinn (unless he died, if not another Ashaman preferrably on Rand side)




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I think some of Rand's crew are already bound to the Horn.  I wouldn't be surprised if Mat and Perrin were both bound and perhaps even the super girls.  The world is gearing up for the Last Battle, I would think that the Wheel would spin out more than one Hero on the side of the Light.


I hope that Cenn Buie and Calle Coplin get bound.

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I hope an ordinary person gets bound to the Horn during TG?


I hope it will be Jain Farstrider.


Or Lan if he dies.


Does anyone here think someone will get bound to the Horn when they die at TG?


Wouldn't it be ironic if he was killed during Tarmon Gai'don, only to immediately stand up again because of the horn?

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