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  1. It still says you can't use the messaging system. Basically I have a Basic Mafia for 18 players ready to go if I can get added to the queue. :)

  2. Hey you, I tried to PM you about Mafia but you can't get any new PMs. Gees, clean your PM box will ya! Sent it to DPR only. :)

  3. The DO wasn't totally free in the AoL either. He could touch the world more than he does now but not fully. And it wasn't only 13 AS that became the Forsaken that he had, there were whole armies of them, those were just the ones that got trapped in the Bore when it was sealed.
  4. Since Ishy created the BA and knew that the AS swore on a binder I imagine he had that in mind when he created the oaths they swear.
  5. Certainly there were risks of him being a traitor--we see from Slayer's tracking of Fain that the Shadow is quite stringent on this--but that is not the end. He could still have gone to ground and achieved much. The Shadow is very far from omnipotent, as Verin herself proves. But he's an old man, being on the run for the rest of whatever is left of his natural life (no that he doesn't have the benefit of being bonded to an AS) is not necessarily that appealing to him. And she says he has family, as the DF Whitecloak (Carrdin?) shows, the Chosen have no problem killing innocent family members of DF's they feel aren't performing up to snuff. With the Last Battle so close maybe he just decided enough was enough.
  6. Perhaps because once she was dead, and he had been released, another Chosen, or BA could have come along and scooped him up, forcing him to continue the DO's work.
  7. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,10138.0.html
  8. The BA replace the "normal" three oaths with three of their own.
  9. Do you mean currently as in at the end of TGS? No they are not the same. Rand went through those already. Remember when he was up on top of the mast when he, Thom and Mat were sailing downriver with Bayle? That was the result of when he touched the source to cause the boom to swing round and knock the trolloc off the ship. That's just the second time he channels.
  10. This touches on my biggest problem with Cyndane/Lanfear being Sylvase....if you are Moridin, would you put Cyndane/Lanfear anywhere near Elayne unless it was for an immediate kill? You know you can't trust her near one of Rand's women. Cyndane is Mind Trapped, she would never, ever dare to go against one of Moridin's orders.
  12. Except Nynaeve infers that she asked Birgitte about them, and she has no knowledge of what they are (and she would be aware of the Heroes). I had forgotten about that. Nah, RJ said there was a seperate place where normal souls awaited rebirth. and that. I bow to your superior memory, lol. :D
  13. Interesting Luckers. I had always sort of figured that the unseen eyes were the Heroes waiting to be reborn. That's where we first meet Birgite and it's clear she's been watching Nyn and Perrin before she ever appears to them. Or maybe TAR is where ALL souls wait to be reborn, just not in as much consciousness as the Heroes? Not saying that it's not the BUT just that's why I never thought much about it.
  14. I think this was answered in a Question of the Week. IIRC RJ said that when Hurin brought news of Rand being the Dragon Reborn back to the Boarderlands there were lots of "discussions" about what it meant and what they should do, and boarderlanders being BLer's some of the discussions broke out into fights.
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