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...more like algai eating guild pet :P got to test em if they all tasty or something


and hey Barm maybe we should pull a tess act on LG, if you have that much forkroot left..could bring along the new guys so they can get some training in AS handling *grins*



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oh well i'll just have to blindfold you then hon *grins* works just as well


see those are the lil tricks you need to know, when not having forkroot at hand, blindfold em, they cant weave if they cant see what they are weaving



rebelious warder

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great means i got 5 minty AS *s* you are almost catching up the the number of my squad of mintys then..


but that aside where did the new intiates go...we need to get to know them...figure out their interests and all...or did they move down into baracks already? *looks for em*

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