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Verin, Siuan, and Moraine

Rising Lion

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Okay, well, I'm completely new, I joined about five seconds ago, so hi! Yeah, new member, but I didn't want to bother with adjusting my profile or anything like that yet, because this has been bothering me for a while, and I just have to get your thoughts.


Well, I mean, I suppose the answer is obvious since no one has mentioned it before, but... When Verin reveals, in the Great Hunt, that she knows about Siuan and Moraine having found the Dragon Reborn, Moraine thinks something along the lines of how she likes Verin, but she will not let her ruin all her plans. And both Siuan and Moraine have embraced the Source, and Verin is rambling on and then... blank. Switch PoV. Now, I always thought something sinister had happened there, I had always thought it was strongly implied that something had happened between them, a confrontation or some something. In fact, I keep waiting for someone to mention it in all the posts concerning Verin. So, I'm guessing since no one has, no one else thought that, but I really did. I always kind of wondered, in the back of my head, if maybe Moraine or Siuan or both hadn't used some kind of Compulsion on Verin and if that might not explain some of her mysterious behavior. Nowadays, I'm thinking, probably not, since I doubt either of them knows Compulsion, but still... any ideas on what went on in that room when we weren't watching?

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Guest The Thin Inn Keeper

Hmmmmm... Possibly.


However, I think that Verin is more powerful than we realise, if there was any manipulation going on, it'd be the Brown who was doing it.


You might want to type Verin Mathwin Theories into Google, but only do it if you don't mind spoilers.  :)

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Verin is certainly not all she seems or ANYTHING that we think she is.


However, to stand by the 'rules' of the forum, there is a very in-depth (a couple actually) thread about Verin, which covers Siuan and Moiraine in depth.


Type in 'Verin and her 70 year project' into the search bar, or simply 'Verin Mathwin', I think that's the name of another thread.


Actually here you go;


Verin Mathwin



Verin and her 70 year project



Welcome, too, hope you enjoy :-)



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Keep in mind that, under the Three Oaths, AS can do anything IF they truly believe it serves their duty to the Light.


Verin has gone through a great many mental gymnastics in order to do what she has done.  It doesn't make what she has done at all palatable - just necessary from her particular POV.


Until and unless we are made privy to her personal agenda in aMoL, we can't really say whether she is Black or not.


After all, we don't really know what Siuan and Moraine were prepared to do ( or may have done ) when Verin revealed that she knew about their "mission".

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