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Approved WK Bio for Seth Roses - CCed by FL


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Character Name: Seth Roses


DM Handle: Tigara


Email address: tigara[at]look[dot]ca


Physical Description: Seth is a slim youth. He has shaggy brown locks that often cover his eyes. His eyes have not yet turned gold, but his bright blue eyes do seem to shine in the moonlight. His skin is of an average tan. He is about 5’11” and about 120 pounds. His taste in clothes leans heavily to green, red, and orange.


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising: In the Hills north of Andor, close to the Tower of Ghenjei.



Character History:


Seth was born a Tinker. His mother gave birth to him while they were north of Andor. His father told him that when he was born, they could see a gray tower shining in the distance.  They were on their way east, to Cairhein.


He lived an average, peaceful Tinker life, singing, and playing instruments, but his favorite was dancing. His feet were light and his figure was slim. Many said that he looked like the wind itself dancing for them. He danced to fast beats, and to slower ones. Dancing was all he wanted to do, and that’s what he did for 15 years.


His caravan was heading west after touring around the Spine of the World. He started to notice that the instruments were sounding sharper and clearer. He kept asking whether the players had made new instruments, but they assured him, they were the same ones they had been using for years. It bothered him, but not as much as being able to see things in the distance that no one else seemed to be able to see. His parents thought he might be sick, so they gave him different herbal concoctions, but they didn’t affect him at all.


Things kept getting worse. He started to crave meat. He had never eaten much meat before, just what the dogs brought back occasionally. It wasn’t his favorite food. He much preferred fresh fruit. But he felt strong impulses to just grab an animal and bite into it. He was becoming afraid of himself.


It was on a cool night with a full moon, that it all fell apart. He was sleeping, and he was beside a tall metal Tower. It was huge! He walked around and saw no entrance. “Leaf Dancer” he heard. He turned around, and saw a big she wolf, with white fur mingled with gray. “Leaf dancer” he heard again, and another wolf was with her. He was going to run away, but they just sat down, and it looked like they were smiling. “Go” he heard. Were the wolves talking to him? Images filled his head. Images of stars. He didn’t really know how, but he thought that the images told him to go west. To some kind of mountains. Probably the Mountains of Mist. “Go, Leaf Dancer” the wolves nodded and then vanished.


Seth woke up in a cold sweat. The wolves were talking to him, and they wanted him to go west. He looked over, and another young man he had grown up with was staring at him. “Seth, your eyes are glowing.” Seth grabbed a mirror and stared at the blue eyes that were staring at him. He nearly screamed. “Umm, it must be a side affect from an herb. It should be gone in the morning.” He told his friend nervously. He pretended to go back to sleep, and waited for his friend to drift back to sleep as well. He got up quietly and sneaked off, running west.


He ran for days. Days and days. He approached the Mountains of Mist after about three weeks, and began to climb. It was a hard climb, and he was tired. He was resting with his back to a stone, when he heard footsteps. Human footsteps. Who could it be?

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