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Approved Warders Bio for Coraman--CC'd by the WT


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Name: Coraman aka Rat

Age: 16

Origin: Tar Valon

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 114 lbs

Hair color: Black with a streak of white

Eye color: Sky blue


Physical Description: Cora is short and wiry in stature, without muscle on

her small form. Her midnight black hair is unusually streaked with white

strands. Her face is plain with a nose that was obviously broken in the past

and her steel blue eyes are often smothered in anger and distrust. Her

appearance makes some underestimate her.


Traits: Distrustful of strangers and wary of those who seek to be close to

her - she will be very reserved. For those that she is growing to be

comfortable with, she has quite the mouth on her - but she will rarely

reveal how she truly feels. However, she has the judgement to know when she

needs to be silent. With strangers, she is unobtrusive. She won't do

something that will bring unwanted attention to herself.


History: Born in the city of the White Tower, the only life she had known

was on the street. An old toothless hag cared for the little street urchin,

if you could call it that. She didn't have a name, she was always called

"rat". She spent her days begging for food and her nights being beaten by

the hag. After several failed attempts to learn the hag’s name, she gave

up. Why even bother, when all she does is cuss, spit, eat, and beat

me? But a small part longed to have a woman to love like a mother.

Whatever food she could scrounge, the old woman ate it all but the crumbs,

proclaiming that a child's stomach was much smaller and that the crumbs were

all a little street rat needed. If no food could be found, the woman lashed

out with her makeshift cane, not stopping until she was crouched on the

floor covered with bruises and every once in a while, the beatings continued

until her ribs broke and she slipped in and out of consciousness. It was not

long before her dreams that the hag would scoop her up with apologies and

love were destroyed – and replaced with a bitter hatred for the woman.


Over the years, the girl adopted the name of Rat – given to her by other

street urchins. She learned the ways of fist-fighting, it was the only way

she could pummel the competition over a trash barrel and also to defend

herself against those who sought to take her as their prostitute. It was by

the age of 10 that she had found a dull and rusty dagger lying by a drunken

sailor – it had become her weapon against street boys who sought to take

advantage of her. It only worked against those who were the same size as her

- or smaller. She found that she was easily overpowered by those who were

bigger. By the time she was 13, she despised men and physical contact.


More often as she got older, she would get errands from a servant of a

politician that would give her food for her accomplishments. Sometimes she

received a coin. Her tasks - spy on others. Most of the time, it was to

eavesdrop or to report a daily schedule - but every once in a while, she was

sent to sneak into a room to acquire papers. It was during these times, she

learned how to be stealthy and quick in her tasks. She'd acquire the

materials that were sought after - and pocket a few small treasures for

herself. Every once in a while, someone would return to the rooms while she

was there and she would find a hiding spot - whether it be under the bed, in

the closet, or as her name implies - behind furniture.


Nearing 15 years old - Rat was scrounging for food behind an Inn nearby the

White Tower, digging through a barrel of waste, sighing in despair when

nothing seemed to be decent for the night's supper. The night before, she

failed to bring food home because she had been caught by the City Guard. Her

back stung with fresh welts and it hurt to breath. She straightened her back

and brushed her mangy hair from her eyes - it was not long ago when the old

hag met the Creator. "You are worthless - just like your whore of a

mother and bastard of a father." The dull dagger found its way in the

woman's neck, "Don't say that about mum and pa." Granted, she never knew

them but in her mind and heart, they had a good reason for abandoning her.

They would be back. She knew it.


She looked up at the horizon and saw the White Tower shining in its full

glory and scoffed. What do they know of pain and suffering? She would

give anything for a chance to march right up to the so called Amyrlin Seat

and spit at her boots. Servant of all. She let out another scoff.

"What have we here?" She jumped and fell to the ground, scrambling to

her feet to escape. When something clasped her ragged and filthy shirt and

pulled her a couple feet off from the ground. She looked up and her first

sight was a woman with a patch over an eye and scars. “Let me go!!" She

threw out a fist but for some reason, it didn’t collide with anything but

air. The woman tossed her to the ground and before she could react – the

edge of a small axe was pressed against her throat. â€I bet you're

hungry." A snarl graced her lips, "What's it to you?" The woman's face

softened a bit and the axe suddenly disappeared, "More than you know. I'm

Seiaman. Come, you like chicken?"



Mere weeks passed when the news of Seiaman's looming departure came to her

attention. She was distraught over the news and proceeded to pummel the

woman with her fists. "You CAN'T leave me!! You promised!!" Tears streamed

down her cheeks - oddly in the short amount of time, Seiaman was the only

woman who she looked to as her foster-mother. The older woman gently grabbed

her wrists and knelt down so they could meet eye to eye. "I have to."

There was something behind the woman's eye - Coraman had no idea what. "But

you promised. Take me with you." A tear fell to the ground. "I

can't." Anger welled up and she scowled at the woman, "That's all you

do! Get people to love you then you ABANDON them!" Coraman pushed the woman

back, freeing her wrists from the grasp and walked to the fireplace, her

back to the woman. "That hurt me." The voice was close behind. "I

DON'T CARE!" She struggled to hold her tears back. "You DON'T DO THAT! Just

pick someone up, care for them and make them feel like they've finally

someone then LEAVE THEM!" She turned around and kicked Seiaman's shin. "I



Seiaman knelt and pulled her into an embrace. "DON'T!" Cora struggled in the

woman's arms. "Coraman. I'll be back, I promise." She stopped and the

tears rolled out of her eyes once more. "Don't promise me that. I don't want

it. Promise me you'll stay." The woman shook her head and pulled Cora back

to look in her eyes, "I want you to join the Tower Guard. You will learn

much with them. You'll learn how to fight and you'll travel to places beyond

your imagination." She shook her head but deep inside, she had dreamed

of it. Of being as graceful and deadly as her foster mother. "And when I

come back, I'll visit you. And you can visit me." Coraman was quiet for

a moment. "Is this because of Sirayn?" The older woman blinked and hesitated

before shaking her head but Coraman knew she was lying. Somehow, Sirayn had

a hand in this - intentional or not. "I'm going to bed." And she left the

woman kneeling on the ground as she went up to her room.


The night was sleepless. Seiaman's words repeatedly played in her head and

she tried to puzzle out the secret that the woman was hiding. I'll find

out. Sooner or later, I'll find out.



Morning came and Coraman walked down the stairs, her recently-aquired

belongings in a sack. Seiaman sat up, "Where are you going?" Coraman

raised her chin and looked at the woman dead in her eye. "I'm leaving you

before you can leave me. I'm joining the Tower Guard." The woman smiled and

she thought she saw relief in her eye, "Would you like an escort?"

Cora shook her head. "Safe travels." And with that said, she stepped out the

front door and made her way towards the White Tower.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

*cackles* i look forward to see the future Rp's with her.



*ponders* she oddly sounds like Cairma tho.... *odd*

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Tis mine. Sadly, Coraman will find herself in the grasps in Sirayn Sedai but it's all for the good character development. :-D


And Cairma - you should have plenty of rps to watch Coraman. You're her mentor. :twisted:

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Guest Arie Ronshor

*wakes up to a shock*


I get to RP with the infamous Seia........







Please be nice to your dear Mentor. She also has a few screws loose and doesn't trunst many people either.. :P

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Far from a minion' date=' I haven't sworn fealty to Sirayn. ;)[/quote']


No swearing fealty to Sirayn until you're out from under Ginae's thumb :evil:


there can be only one mistress in the house, after all :P


~Ginae Auvriani

Mistress of Trainees (and I mean ALL trainees :twisted: )

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