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Approved WK Bio - Arienna de Orasaigh - CC'd by AA on behalf of FL


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Character image, for referrence. Flash movie though.


Character Name: Arienna de Orasaigh

DM Handle: Jehaine

Email address: amyante[at]hotmail[dot]com

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Place of Birth/Raising: Mindea, Murandy




Arienna is optimistic, and sees a bright future for herself, yet knows she has to work hard to get anywhere. She happily does so, and for that reason can appear cold, serious and unforgiving to those that simply try to 'go with the flow'. She's an imaginative thinker, able to quickly adapt to new situations, yet prefers planning and organisation over impulsiveness, which, considering her past jobs, wouldn't be that surprising.


Her combination of Altaran fierceness and a Murandian's temper means that whoever gets on her bad side is in for a hard time, though it certainly has given her a fair share of courage as well. Though she'd still be aware of the risks, she has enough self-confidence to know when she can handle something, and when to call in some help.


Physical Description:


Arienna stands at about 5 ft 11, weighing in at roughly 140 pounds. She has brown hair reaching down to halfway between her shoulder blades, and hazel colored eyes she inherited from her father's side of the family. Though she doesn't have a very strong build, she makes up for it in agility and speed, something that she put to good use working in an Inn.


Her favorite colors are blue and green, something that can generally be seen in the clothing she wears. Having been raised in Murandy, she lacks the need to overly accessorise with frills and lace like her mother does. Her clothing style is rather plain and simple in comparison (much to her parents' chagrin) but it's what she feels the most comfortable in.



Character History:


Arienna was born as the daughter of Jiselle and Sedrin de Orasaigh. Her father was in a minor House, though calling it a House was perhaps giving it too much credit, as the only thing that differed them from simple commoners would be the noble 'de' in front of their surname. Originally, the full surname had been "de Orasaigh a' Collean", but that last part was dropped somewhere along the way. Still, Sedrin wanted to keep up the image at the very least, and no one really complained about it either, so they let him be.


Being the eldest, she was the first to be taught how to help her mother manage the household, and became quite good at doing so. Of course, there were other lessons she was taught as well, as she quickly picked up on the rumors of one noble getting into a fight with another, after which one of them would simply 'disappear', only to be replaced by another as the cycle repeated itself. The only reason her House had any safety was because it was being ignored by the larger ones.


As teh years went by, she became better and better at helping her mother out, until eventually she had reached the point where she could cook dinner on her own. This gave her mother at least enough breathing space to drag both of her sons (as well as their father) out of the yard without the food getting cold. It was no more than logical that, when Arienna was old enough to get a job of her own, she'd end up working at the local Inn.


After a rough first couple of weeks where she tried to get used to the change of pace, she managed to adapt quite well. She had always had good eyes and ears, but she really felt as if working in the Inn was enhancing her perception even more, honing her skills. Being a swift learner, she eventually managed to pick up the signs of a fight starting, and informed the bouncers so they could already be in place before it had a chance to spread. The Innkeeper was grateful for the added help, and his boasts and compliments about the girl started to reach the ears of more important people. One of whom being a noble named Maric.


Maric was the head of another one of Mindea's Houses. While still not very influential, it was at least considered a noble House by the other Houses, which was more than her own family could boast. Starting off by working in the kitchen, and later on being promoted to maid, the lord found that her awareness did indeed rival that of some of his bodyguards, which was when he made Arienna an odd offer: She'd keep working for him as his personal maid for a higher salary, but in return she'd be an unofficial member of his bodyguard, helping him spot trouble. Arienna accepted.


Thus, things went on like tghat for another year, after which the first assassination attempt took place. It certainly was a close call -- one that managed to shake her nerves quite a bit, as she was in the room when it happened -- and the only reason she even survived was because the assassin was counting on her to be too terrified to move. She deliberately bumped into him as he fought Lord Maric, creating an opening the young noble used to finish him off. Faced with seeing a dead body for the first time, she was obviously shaken, yet after a leave of absence for a month she felt ready to take up her duties again.


Realising their first assassination attempt had failed, another had been sent, but this time she was ready for it. She had been visiting the Inn where she had worked earlier, talking to some of her old colleagues while fishing for rumors in the common room. Thus, when the second assassin had fallen a week or so later, she could point out the House that had been responsable. A House that lost its ruler as soon as a few days later.


However, what neither Maric nor Arienna had counted on was that the House had strong allies, ones that were not amused at seeing an ally fall to a less powerful House.




It was a relatively warm day that day, and Arienna had been sent up with Lord Maric's evening snack. Of course, the real reason he had taken to having a plate of soup brought to him in his study after dinner was in order for her to give her report at the end of the day, but that was only known to the two of them and a select few members of his personal bodyguard. She tapped the thick wooden door twice, going through their usual routine where she acted like the maid ordered with bringing the Lord his soup, after which she entered the room.


The first thing that she noticed was that something was wrong. One of the heavy curtains moved slightly from a weak draft behind it, yet she knew the windows were supposed to be closed. Acting as if nothing was the matter, she calmly walked over to Maric, curtsying as she put the plate down. A small crack between the closet doors was all the proof she needed. She calmly got back up, took a deep breath and alerted the guards standing outside.


- "GUARDS! To me!"


The guards came rushing in, and much to the surprise of the assassins Arienna pointed a finger directly at each of them. Realising they had been discovered, they rushed out, but the guards were faster. Daggers proved to be no match for swords, especially more of them at once, and the threat was soon over. The smile on Maric's face soon faded however as he jumped up, suddenly embracing Arienna and taking her by surprise.


- "M-m-my Lord?" o.O


The feeling of embarrasment soon faded however, as Maric smiled at her before going limp, the bolt sticking out of his back leaving no question as to what had killed him. Arienna, still blushing, now noticed what she had failed to before: One of the assassins had been positioned near the door, and had ended up being out of her field of vision since she entered the room. Despite the guards' attempts to catch him, he managed to escape, after which they assembled back in the study, where a -- now significantly less agitated -- Arienna briefed them on what they were going to do.


- "Taren, i'm going to have to hide for a while. That last assassin saw my face, and i have no doubts they'll be able to piece together who foiled their last attempt as well. I'll leave the city and head for one of the nearby villages, contact me when this entire thing blows over, okay?"


Taren, the captain of the guard, nodded, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder. It had been common knowledge to most of the House that Lord Maric had been in love with Arienna, something she hadn't realised despite her reputation. As little as she had realised she loved him as well, until that moment where he had hugged her. Forcing herself to stand, she made her way to get changed into her normal clothing as Taren made preparations for her to slip away unseen.


However, Arienna had never been a good rider. And as such, the howl of wolves caused the horse to bolt, throwing her off before disappearing into the night. Now faced with the very real threat of being attacked by wolves, she fled through the forest she had gone in to hide her trail. Yet, despite her efforts, she could not outrun the wolves, and they were closing in fast. Realising this, she picked a spot to stand and fight, near a large oak tree. The trunk was large and thick -- at the very least, she wouldn't let them sneak up on her from behind.


While it was true she didn't want to die, she was determined not to go down easy either. Yet, her bad luck streak of that night wasn't done with her just yet. In her haste to get to the spot she had picked, her foot caught on a treeroot she had overlooked, making her lose her balance and hit the ground.


The last thing she remembered before her vision started to blur was hitting her head on something hard, the stress of the night's events finally catching up to her as she lost consciousness.


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