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Ranger training Medrin


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Stepping out of his cabin into the morning light Nightsfire breathed the cool air deeply into his lungs.  The surrounding village was quiet this time of the morning as he walked toward the Ranger training grounds.  Passing the infirmary he greeted Miryana who knelt in her herb garden tending the plants.


Today he was to begin Medrin’s training to become a Ranger.  The young Shienarian was ambitious and full of fire and promised to be an exceptional student.  Entering the Ranger training grounds he nodded to Owen who was working with another aspiring Ranger on the archery range.  Making his way toward the obstacle grounds he caught sight of his charge and smiled.  Medrin still wore his hair in the Shienarian fashion his black top knot pulled tight up on  his head.


“Good morning Medrin I trust you are ready for a full day of hard work?”


Medrin gave him a lopsided smile and nodded enthusiastically. 


“Good then we will start with conditioning followed by your first run at the obstacle course.”


Leading the young man to the supply shack he retrieved two packs filled with dry rations and skin’s of water.  Soon the two men were winding their way through the trails that led out of the grounds and into the nearby forested hills. 


“We will begin with a 5 mile run then I will let you have a go at the obstacle course I am sure you are eager to tackle.”


OOC:  I will get you a description of the course I have misplaced it since I bought a new pc


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