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Small improvement ideas


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We all love this site and want to see it become a better place. There is always something to improve, so what kind of small changes would you like to see in the DR PSW?


No idea is too trivial or small. Just please keep it constructive and somewhat realistic.


- I think that it would be really useful if the descriptions of the Geographical RP boards listed the countries which fall under that direction. Despite being an old member, I still have sometimes difficulties with determining whether Ghealdan is South or West etc.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Sorry, sleepy eyes, here you go. :)




Nations, City-States and Peoples



- East


- Cairhien


- Mayene


- Tear


- North


- Arafel


- Kandor


- Saldaea


- Shienar


- Tar Valon


- South


- Altara


- Andor


- Far Madding


- Ghealdan


- Illian


- West


- Amadicia


- Arad Doman


- Falme


- Katar


- Tarabon


- The High Seas


- Amayar


- Atha'an Mierre



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