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Where is the bunch of Ter´angial from Rhuidean??


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Simply by way of confirmation:


Week 3 Question: After Moiraine fought Lanfear in Cairhien, what happened to the wagons full of ter'angreal and such that came out of the Aiel Waste? Are they just in some storeroom there? And what happened to Moiraine's horse Aldieb?


Robert Jordan Answers: The ter'angreal and so forth that came from Rhuidean are still in Cairhien for the moment, warded by Rand so they aren't accessible to anyone but him. Aldieb is in the stables at the Sun Palace.



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Hmmm... and Elayne just so happens to be the one who is supposed to claim the Sun Throne. Methinks Elayne might 'stumble' onto this collection, even if it's just the knowledge of its existence, and will have Rand give her access.


Mealsothinks that something very important will be found. ;D

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