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  1. I had a thought. Everyone - by whom I mean all the main characters: Rand, Mat and Perrin especially but perhaps the Ewgenes, Elaynes, Nynaeves etc - will presumably have to meet up just before or during Tarmon Gaidon (sp?) and I was thinking about where. How, it's been a while since I've read through the series so I will need reminding/correcting on a number of things, but this is my theory: Mat has to find and rescue Moiraine; Rand has to meet and deal with Tuon as well as the Borderland armies; Perrin has to deal with Morgase and Damodred (sp?) and the White Cloaks; Elayne seems to just
  2. Hmmm... a good point. What do the prophecies or the more recent visions/dreams/foretellings say about Perrin? Anything that might tie him to the danger that is quickly approaching the White Tower? I think it could be a possibility, since he needs something to do in the next book and I doubt that dealing with Morgase and her son leading the White Cloaks (I always forget/mix up his name...) will be ALL he has to do.
  3. Wow... alot of good points here and alot of things I had never even thought to consider, but this probably takes the cake:
  4. Don't people say the same thing of marriage? ::) Joking aside, every Warder seems to have a reason to allowing himself to become one. We know Lan's, at least, and we know Rand's and what Gawyn's will be when and if he becomes Egwene's Warder. Now not all Warder's will have those kinds of reasons, but they will undoubtedly have one (or more).
  5. Which begs the question (one that was asked in the series by one of the Wonder Girls I believe...): Why on earth would a man ever agree to become a Warder? I think it varies Warder to Warder; with Lan he acted like a servant to Moiraine, but it seemed like he did it to keep her as comfortable and as healthy/rested as possible, knowing that at any time she could have to use her powers and would need her energy. Yet others, especially those who are Warders to a Green, seem to be little more than glorified doormats with swords. And yet I also seem to recall hearing references to new Aes Seda
  6. Zealous? Zealots want converts! Do you think I have some crazy need to be right and have others believe me? This whole thing started with me hating Lan. That's not right! I shouldn't hate people! You think I want folks to agree with me so the entire board can hang effigies of Lan and beat him like a piñata until the stone-flavored candy falls out? I would not eat that candy! It came out of Lan! I hate that guy! rofl calm down Jay, I did say "to each their own", I just meant that you seemed to put in more effort to explain why you don't like Lan than people would normally. Personally, I
  7. I sort of agree with what RAND AL THOR said to Jay. While I do appreciate the addage "to each their own", Jay, you seem a tad... zealous, in your belief that Rand is whiny and Lan is to be loathed. Now don't get me wrong, your sarcasm and witty rants had me chuckling at more than a few spots, but some of the things you said and tried to argue just seemed to me like you knew what you wanted to believe. By that I mean, you can look at a passage and instantly turn it into evidence that proves your point, where others will look at it totally differently. Now, understanding that we're talking
  8. I'd say that the legal system doesn't matter, not when it comes to diplomatic dealings between two different nations. At that point you have to rely on international law, and the only such thing that seems to have existed in Randland was similar to that of human history: diplomats are sacrosanct, and any mistreatment of them by an opposing party is grounds for the other party to claim any deal void.
  9. I'm of a close mind to that, but I think it will actually be her reappearance that gets him laughing and crying again, like Jarraad said.
  10. Not disagreeing with you on Tuon, but doesn't it seem kind of stupid to have this huge build-up to the end of Mat's bachelorhood - and then nothing? I imagine and quite a few disagree with me on this, Tuon will be presant in the battle of the white tower, I am sure she is the one in Egwene's dream!!. Mat will be busy for shure, not that is a bad thing, as other than the Forsaken parts, Mat is the funnest to read. Tuon also has to deal with Rand, as she has the little matter of meeting with with the Dragon Reborn. I seem to recall there being a viewing or a prophecy that said
  11. If they were threatened and abused, at that point they can consider any deal that come of it null and void. You just can't treat negotiators or diplomats like that. Actually I just remembered something. Was the deal with the Sea Folk before or after Egwene had told Elayne and Nynaeve her plans for uniting all women who can channel in some form of association or another with the White Tower?
  12. ...and? That doesn't mean that they HAD to give it to them, or even let them anywhere near it. They went to them on good faith, with the idea that it was in their mutual interest to fix the weather. In fact, I don't understand how they went from the Bowl and the issue of the weather to giving over Aes Sedai teachers to the Sea Folk. Why not just say: "We want the weather fixed, we have this bowl, you'd be the best to fix it. So we'll give you the bowl as well as out strongest channelers so you can fix the weather, and that's that". That right there is a completely one-sided deal to b
  13. Yes and no. Given his current character, I do look back with nostalgia at the kinder, more innocent Rand. But then I remember that when I was first reading the series alot of that 'farmboy' Rand irritated me no end - for with innocence comes naivety, and with kindness comes 'doormat syndrome' as I call it. ::)
  14. This is something I had thought many times myself... I mean some of the Aes Sedai - whether fully trained or the 'wonder girls' - must have the negotiating skills of a three year old to make some of those deals. Either that or the Sea Folk are extremely well practiced at threats and mental pressures or something, but I wonder if those negotiators have ever heard that if you don't like the deal on the table to simply walk away? I mean some of the deals made don't even make any logical sense. Like the one for the Bowl of the Winds: The Sea Folk get the bowl, Aes Sedai teachers whom the
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