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New to the forums...long time lurker


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Just wanted to say hi to everybody. I am a huge WOT fan but have never posted in these forums before, though I have read them often enough over the last few years. I have been enjoying the 4th Age Podcast since it started as well and figured I should probably start taking place in WOT discussions and meet other WOT fans.


WOT is definetly my favorite fantasy series (even surpassing LOTR by a hair) ;D. I have read all the books of course and listen to all the audio CDs over and over all the time at work.


A few quick fun facts:

Favorite character: Lan (Mat close 2nd)

Favorite Book: Still has to be EOTW

Favorite scene: Close between the end of EOTW and the end of HFTH

Favorite event: Probably the establishing of the Black Tower

Character I love to hate: Faile

Not such a big fan of: The Seanchan

Favorite people: Gotta love the Two Rivers folk

Favorite place: Fal Dara



Personal info: 29 year old male, married (8 years now), 13 month old son, another child on the way. Currently writing my own fantasy series....since 2004, and my first book is finally being edited as we speak. My own website is www.trinivia.com


Anyways...look forward to participating and I will see you around 8)


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Welcome to DM!


Just had a quick look around the website! Looks good! I'll be keeping my eyes open over here in the UK for the book! Best of luck with the writing!


Being a writer, the Illuminators ORG looks a good choice for you as they are the arty crafty people of DM. But do check out the rest of DM! Like the Band of the Red Hand ORG, DM's very own music and travel ORG! We do lots of fun activities, so if you want to meet new people, drop by our Campfires for a mug of Brew!


But whatever you end up doing here at DM, have fun! :)

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