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Future of the Forsaken


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What does everyone think the remaining Forsaken


1. Are planning in aMoL

2. How will they meet their ends

3. How will the DO punish them for recent failures in the past couple books.

4. What Forsaken will make it to TG


1. The DO, through Shaidar Haran, is clearly consolidating the Forsaken into a more coherent force - one that will be able to effectively bring their quite impressive might to the foreground when TG comes a-knockin'. If I were the DO, here are some of the things I'd make sure are in place;

     -Once Mesaana's plans for the WT are clearly failing or coming to fruition, have her break into the Tower storerooms and steal every single angreal, sa'angreal and useful ter'angreal. Similarly, have Cyndane and Moghedien make a run at the stash in Tear, since it's far more vulnerable than the Rhuidean and Ebou Dar collections. The Forsaken, as a united front, armed with enough objects of the Power, are more than a match for any army that isn't absolutely packed with AS and Asha'man, and even then it would be a bloodbath.

     -Some select assassinations prior to TG - Bashere, Galad and Dobraine come to mind. Bigger targets like Mat or Perrin would be too risky to chance losing one of the Forsaken against, since they have OP-users around them at all times, but taking out major commanders and stewards would shake Rand's forces quite a bit and lessen their ability to strategize and mobilize efficiently.

     -Resurrect Aginor again. One of the stronger Forsaken, plus having him around to tweak Shadowspawn, perhaps turn out a few more gholam, would be a solid asset.

     -Have Semi cause as much dissension as possible. I'm sure this plan is already well underway.


2. Demandred - I see him being killed in battle by one of the major players for the side of the Light. Not Rand though. Mat or Logain, perhaps.

   Graendal - I'd love to see her discreetly pick off some of the more influential Sisters around Rand, maybe take out Cadsuane and/or Verin before being brought down, preferably by Rand or Narishma. I could even see her surviving TG and going into hiding. She's a crafty one...

   Mesaana - meh, I'm sure she's going to bite it, I picture it being rather anti-climactic - possibly backstabbed by one of the other Forsaken?

   Cyndane - Killed by Alivia or Nynaeve

   Moghedien - Don't particularly care. I kind of lost interest in her once she became mind-trapped.

   Halima - Some random circle of AS and Asha'man.

   Semi - Killed trying to escape, or bonded as an Asha'man warder. If she successfully escapes, I could see her surviving to slink off into hiding as well.

   Aginor - If brought back, then killed in battle again, probably by one of Rand's Asha'man or Rand himself.

   Moridin - Killed by Rand, Logain or Alivia near the climax of TG.


3. I don't think any of them have really screwed up too badly since Mesaana, and she's already paid her price. Whether Semi will be punished or not depends on whether she escapes, and whether her capture was a possible contingency plan, or if she really did totally fail at her mission.


4. I think pretty much all of them will make it to TG. I can see Mesaana and/or Moghedien being taken out by other Forsaken though. If Moghedien can escape the mindtrap somehow, I see her running for the hills and trying to get as far away from SG as possible before TG begins.


Oh, and at some point Graendal has to launch into a super-villian monologue about how and why she killed Asmodean 8)

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Well, we know it's Warded, but now that the city isn't crawling with channelers and Aiel, the Forsaken would have more time on their hands to safely circumvent the Wards.


I'm not saying it would be easy, but now would be the best time to try. Plus, I'd think Lanfear and Moghedien would be better suited to dealing with tricky Wards and traps than Mesaana would.



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Why do you place the great holding before rhuidean? The great holding is filled with every item that may possibly look like it is power related, and as such is over-burdened with junk, much like the Ebou Dar cache was before Elayne winnowed out all the crap (and see how much more crap there was compared to actual items of power, and that collection was made by women who actually could channel, as opposed to Tear which avoided channeling at all costs.


Rhuidean on the other hand, is full of items that were deemed important enough to save by actual AoL Aes Sedai.

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