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  1. I see an epic death in battle. Don't know if any of you read Star Wars books, but I picture something a la Ganner's last stand.
  2. Good point. Do they ever specifically reference that though?
  3. Perrin smelling emotions is, I think, just a matter of pheromones. Mat's skills with a quarterstaff are natural. He's been training with one since he was a little kid. His luck certainly helps him in actual combat, but the moves he has are all his own. They were all there before he received his other memories. The memories from the Finns are more of a benefit from a leadership point of view anyway, though I'm sure they still help in personal combat.
  4. Asmodean is definitely stronger than the female Forsaken other than Lanfear/Cyndane. Being weak for a male Forsaken doesn't mean you're actually weak by any stretch of the imagination....
  5. I believe it said something along the lines of "You wore the ring of the tamyrlin and could summon the nines rods of dominion". Too lazy to find the exact quote. The 9 rods were regional governors of Randland during the AoL. Ishamael's comment was only meant to point out how little power Rand has now compared to what he had in the AoL when he was LTT.
  6. Rand, Moridin and Ishamael are at the top, no doubt. Next I'd say Lanfear, Alivia, Demandred, Rahvin, Aginor, Logain, Taim and Sammael. After that, the rest of the Forsaken, plus a few of the light's powerhouses. There's a good FAQ out there that painstakingly dissects where everyone would fall in the series; Part 1; http://www.wotmania.com/theorypostdbtheory.asp?ID=1331&Category=Angreal Part 2; http://www.wotmania.com/theorypostdbtheory.asp?ID=1332&Category=Angreal I don't agree with it 100%, but it's pretty damn close to perfect.
  7. His group successfully defended him and Nynaeve against the combined might of nearly all the living Forsaken. I'd say that qualifies as phenomenal success if you ask me... Planning to cleanse Saidin and kill off the Forsaken at the same time seems a little ambitious even for Rand. What I don't understand was the Forsakens' lack of preparation. I know this is argued back and forth a lot, but I personally feel that they put in a pretty bad showing against Rand's forces.
  8. Thom's had that letter for quite some time now. It's Mat who didn't know what it contained until the end of KoD.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again; Have Logain bond Semirhage.
  10. I was referring not to the actual "hole" that is the gateway (which is not of the OP), but the weave that supports the Deathgates and keeps them spinning for a few minutes. It's specifically mentioned during the attack on the manor. I agree with Luckers that it's unknown whether disrupting this would immediately dissolve the Deathgate or if it would simply act like the weave had worn off (in which case it would simply rotate itself closed as if it had expired on its own).
  11. Well, we know gholam are Shadowspawn, and we know Shadowspawn cannot survive passing through gateways. The only question about the efficacy of Deathgates, in my mind, is whether the gholam's anti-OP could disrupt the weave and cause the gateway to dissipate before it completely enveloped the gholam. I really don't see how a gholam could survive being through through a stationary gateway though. There was a topic here a few months ago where someone suggested opening horizontal gateways underneath the gholam (which RJ specifically said is possible), and that seems like a pretty surefire way to get rid of them.
  12. Time also flows differently in tel'aran'rhiod, so any Forsaken living there couldn't reliably keep track of what's going on in Randland, which would be pretty crippling for them.
  13. Unlikely. Angreal, ter'angreal and sa'angreal are pretty hard to destroy with anything short of balefire. It would certainly make for a nice surprise if Taim shows up with it at TG. It wouldn't be enough for him to overpower a circle, but it would probably tip the scales if he was squaring off against Logain or Rand.
  14. It's possible that he's using a "clean" ID as a way to live comfortably and anonymously - a mid-level Andoran noble or Seanchan Blood or something equivalent - and waltzes off to assume other identities to do his actual manipulating.
  15. The DO is quite specific about mentioning only Rahvin and Asmodean when he mentions Forsaken we'll never ever see again, despite the fact that Be'lal had died by this time as well. I've believed for quite some time now that Moiraine's balefire wasn't strong enough and the DO was able to snag him for resurrection. Perhaps he's been placed in a new body, perhaps he's being saved for use exclusively at the Last Battle. Perhaps the DO won't find a good use for him before TG. I don't believe he's Taim, but I do think his soul was salvaged when he died.
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