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Approved BT Bio for Gale Nalineo, WK CCed!!

Arath Faringal

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  Name:  Gale Nalineo

  Age:  23

  Weight:  190ish lbs

  Height:  5'11"

  Nation of origin:  Illian, capital city.

  Description:  Typical Illianer. Bare upper lip, broad shoulders, better gait on ship then on actual land. Dark brown hair cut short, brown eyes.

  Ability stuff:  Pretty good with ship-related activities and quite good at holding his liquor. As for the killing and the channeling, not so much just yet.




Gale Nalineo was born to his mother and father during a rather ferocious storm off the cost of Illian. The name, then, made sense at the time but has forever given the man a slight disadvantage when it came to teasing, as gale and gal are but a letter apart. But that do no disrupt this fellow from proving his worth as a man and making a life for himself.


For the last five years, he’s worked as a deck hand for a small trading vessel. There, he’s made a number of companions worthy of the term friend – mostly because they managed to get each other in a great deal of trouble when left to themselves on shore leave. In retrospect, it may not have been the wisest of ideas to go get themselves tested for the ability to channel when they were allowed a night’s respite in Tear. But, when that strong Tairen ale enters the system it is quite hard to say no, even when the idea is downright foolish.


It was then, that Gale found himself with three of his chums staring down a man in a black coat -  a man that just told a very drunk Gale that, of the four of them, he was the only one able to channel the male half of the One Power.  To the stunned surprise of his friends, and indeed to Gale (who found this news sobered him up rather nicely, as well it might), he found he had a choice ahead of him: to serve the Dragon Reborn with his ability or to go back to a life of drinking and slaving away on a ship when the world may very well be destroyed tomorrow.


He chose the former.


And Gale has been regretting it ever since.



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Uh-oh. That doesn't sound pleasant. Now I'm nervous to even start playing. Hahaha.


I feel like an idiot, but seriously.. who is it I gotta PM for the One Power stuff?


This forum thing is so tricky to me.. Am I waiting for a cross check on this bio still or has that been done? I don't know what that WK means.


We already have some Illianers? I gotta check out those posts, figure out their speech again.. where they at?

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And don't let Carnhain scare you... he's a big scary blood crazy member of the Band of the Red Hand that is completely wrapped around my Illian girl's finger :P  And I don't think he'll let her anywhere near a chaneller if he finds out how well she was working with Caelen (My BT) in Illian :P

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