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  3. ooc: Sorry for not posting yesterday, Eqwi dear - I've dozed off and the laptop has shut down automatically Young Kastor: I thank you for your company last evening, but it is not possible for me to see you tonight. My duties will keep me busy for a fortnight, but I would welcome your company at another time. I will expect your presence at the North gate on the evening of the Firelight Festival. Blessings, Eqwina al’Caupthn Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah Young Kastor? He smiled at that. True he was young, especially when compared to an Aes Sedai. However the note did give Kastor a few tips. For one, that Eqwina Sedai was feeling a bit on edge of what happened last night. And two - he was moving too fast. Well then, slow it would be. The Firelight Festival was not too far away. And chances were that Kastor would be too busy with training and knowing his father - too busy recovering from injuries, for time to pass slowly. And so it happened. The next several days passed quite quickly, partly because at one point Kastor was unconcious from a bokuto strike to the head he proved a part of the second too slow to parry. By the time of the Firelight Festival, Kastor was at the North Gate, limping slightly but in a good mood and smiling as usual. As Eqwina Sedai came, he bowed respectfully. "It is a pleasure to see you again, Eqwina Sedai. I hope you're feeling well tonight?"
  4. Kastor could not help but smiles as Eqwina sedai warned him not to get in over his head. Well he had no such intention. And yet perhaps kissing her was not indeed the smartest thing he had ever done. She was, after all, an ... His train of thought was interupted as Eqwina Sedai first held his head in her hands, then reached up to kiss him gently on the lips. For a moment, Kastor put one hand around her waist, both for support and closeness then withdrew it as Eqwina Sedai parted the kiss “ You have given me a wonderfully memorable evening, Kastor.” He smiled and bowed respectfully. "And you had given me the best night I have had since I have been in the Tower Ground, Eqwina Sedai. And I hope that this will not be the first and last night that I will get to enjoy your company. I will even promise to behave next time and not attempt to steal any kisses without your permission." The tone of his voice and the wink got Eqwina Sedai to laugh. "And I would also like to thank you, for the perfect ending of this night" - he offered her his arm - "I hope that you would not mind if I offer to escort you to your quaters, Eqwina Sedai" Kastor Ronshor
  5. “Are you implying that I am so much older than you?” Kastor did not move a muscle as Eqwina reached to remove some loose strand of his hair from his face. He usually wore his hair tied in a tail, a habit he has picked up rom his father. “There is nothing constant in this world Kastor, except perhaps the stars. In all my long years I do not ever remember the changing of the stars, except with the seasons. The unchanging stars and death are the two rocks on which we can all rely; for not even the power of Saidar can save you from the inevitable.” She was right, he had to admit it. Not even the Aes Sedai could escape the final port of call for all humans - the grave. His gaze turned out to the stars again before he spoke. "I do not mean anything cheeky with my question, Eqwina Sedai, I am just curious" - he grined - "My father always says that I am part cat, and that my curiousity will get me in trouble one day. Controling it is one more lesson I must learn. Though perhaps you can help with that. After all - this is one more thing friends do - helping each other out, my young apprentice in the art of friendship" As he said that he turned to Eqwina, winking at her. As it turned out he turned his gaze to her just in time to see her shiver in the breeze. Kastor cursed himself in his mind. The night was not cold yes, but under her cloak, Eqwina's dress did not over much protection from the elements. So he stood up, took off his cloak and carefully draped it over Eqwina. "There, this should keep you warmer, Eqwina Sedai" It was it this moment that his gaze fell on her face. In the moon light, and with her petite stature, Eqwina Sedai looked like an young girl. A carefree young girl, if even for a very brief moment. But at the same time she looked worried, as if she was fighting with something. And the outcome of the battle did not seem to be in her favour. Almost without thought, Kastor's hand reached up and gently caressed her cheek. Almost instatly, her gaze shifted from the sky to Kastor. "I'm here for you, Eqwina Sedai. Whatever it is that troubles you - I'm here" She did not move to avoid his touch. If anything, it did seem to Kastor that she was smiling at his touch. And there was something about her, about the way she spoke, the way she acted, the way she looked. For a while, Kastor just stood motionless, just looking into her eyes. Then he started leaning in. Slowly, but without hesitation he keptleaning in, until his lips brushed Eqwina's Sedai lips. Then he kissed her. Evn though she was an Aes Sedai,possible more powerful than what he could imagine and burdened with responsibility mathcing her power, kissing Eqwina Sedai seemed like the most natural thing to him right now. And so he did. Kastor Ronshor Stealing a kiss
  6. “Aes Sedai to do not lay on the grass with jumped up trainee’s” she said haughtly. “I am after all the head of an Ajah, not a young girl courting. But, if you say that this is what friends do I will give it a chance. After all I do not wish to fail as your pupil.” Kastor almost shook his head at her comment. But then again, Eqwina Sedai had gone through a bit of a shock, as Kastor suddenly changed from his serious and calculating to his carefree persona. And she has taken the change quite well, to be honest. "True, Eqwina Sedai, as a Head of you Ajah you're to be given the proper respect you deserve. But right now we're not a Head of Ajah and a jumped up trainee. We're just two friends. And friends do not need to be always formal with each other, so I hope that you would not mind if in future talk I miss your honourific. Only when in private, of course! After all, some things are to be kept on private" Kastor's gaze last turned to the stars again. He was often wondering about the stars. "You know, Eqwina Sedai, I have always wanted to ask someone this question, but I have never had the opportunity to ask anyone. The stars in the sky - they seem to be constant. But nothing in our world seems constant. Mountains can erode with time, shores can shift. And yet the stars seem to be constant. I wanted to ask you, have the stars changed since you first looked at the star filled sky, Eqwina Sedai?" Kastor carefree
  7. Kastor smiled. Right now it felt like Eqwina Sedai was a girl his age. And as far as friendships were concerned he might indeed be the older and more experienced one. Funny what twists the Wheel had waved for humans sometimes ... suddenly he had an idea. Yes, it was quite possible that she would like this, after all, so far she has demonstrated a wonderful sense of humour. "Well then, Eqwina Sedai, perhaps I can be your Mentor in the art of friendship" - his cheeky tone and the little flames of amusement in his eyes did give away his intentions to a degree. - "And your first lesson will begin right away. Just let me take care of the bill first" With that, Kastor summoned the serving girl who was waiting their table, and asked for the bill. Having payed the bill and given the girl a tip. Kastor stood up and held his hand out for Eqwina Sedai "Just follow me, Eqwina Sedai, you shall see that being a friend is not hard at all" Helping Eqwina up and helping her with her cloak, and after taking a look to make sure that there wasn't anyone from the Tower left in the common room, Kastor took Eqwina's had and led her outside. He led her back to the Tower, being careful of who was around to see them. But it was late, it was a night of the new moon, and with the hood of her cloak raised, it was not possible to tell who it was that Kastor was leading. Of course once they neared the Tower gates, Kastor let go of Eqwina's hand. After all, his plan was not to embarass Eqwina Sedai. Having crossed the gate, and when out of sight, Kastor took, Eqwina's Sedai hand again. "Please follow me, Eqwina Sedai, I would like to show you a special place." With that Kastor led Eqwina Sedai into the Grove, deep in it, close to the Great Trees. There was a secluded place, hidden by the bushes and shrubbery. It was calm here. "This is where I come when I want to clear my mind or to reflect on something. It's a magical place, that I wanted to share with you. And here is where your friendship lessons will begin." Kastor layed down on the ground and took a look at the stars. His eyes then moved to Eqwina Sedai. He patted the grass next to him "Just lay down and look at the stars, Eqwina Sedai, that's part of what friends do" Kastor Roshor Teacher ;)
  8. And there it was, he struck a raw nerve. Kastor felt as idiotic as when he hasn't felt since he was seven. Hi brain was working fast in damage control mode, wondering if he had hurt Eqwina Sedai too much. He knew that Aes Sedai could control their emotions well, but for her to react like that, he must have made a huge gaff. “There are many things I look for, when I look for a man to share so much of myself with.” Her voice made him stop. She sounded different. So Kastor just kept quiet and listened. “You know of Corwin Narshoba? He has been the only man to whom I was ever bonded.I know that I need a man whom I can trust, that above all else I think. I also look for a man who is willing to tell me the truth. So many men are afraid to stand up to their Aes Sedai, I could not be bonded to one of those. He has to be very skilled with his weapons, that goes without saying; but he also needs to be able to speak to people and be adaptable to all situations as my life often leads me down…strange paths.” Kastor knew Corwin Narshoba, or at least he has heard of him. His father has spoken of Corwin. Deamon described him as a excellent blademaster, outstanding man and a good friend. There were very few people of whom his father spoke that way. And Eqwina Sedai - well she seemed to be hurt deeply. For the first time Kastor was certain that there was nothing hidden, no double meaning to her words. His hand reached out, and he took her hands in his, holding them. "First I wish you apologize to you, Eqwina Sedai, for poking a fresh wound. And then I wish to thank you, for trusting me with something so personal" - the relationship between an Aes Sedai and her Warder was indeed very personal, on par with the relation between friends. - "Upon my blade and blood I swear to you, Eqwina Sedai, that I will not betray your trust" His eyes and his gentle yet firm hold on her hands said in addition what he did not voice. "I'm here for you, Eqwina Sedai, I will be your friend."
  9. For a moment, various plan and analyzes ran through Kastor's head. What could the kiss mean? Was it a kiss at all? Was it just an innocent slip or a carefully planned move of ... of what? Seduction? Intrigue? Building up a way to his father? He knew what he wanted it to be, but what it trully was was as of current unknown to him. And in the midst of all that, Kastor was still have the most enjoyable night he has had in a looooong time! And while he was wondering what it might be that Eqwina Sedai was up to, he was also wondering on how to make this night as enjoyable for her and it was for him. He waited for her to reach for an utensil, and his hand darted forward, hiw fingertips caressing the top of her hand. From the side it would look like they have, by coincidense, reached for the same utensil. "Well, yes Eqwina Sedai, I am aware that skill with the Blade is not the only measure by which an Aes Sedai chooses her warder. But the criteria vary for each Sedai. Some just need a pair of strong arms, others are looking for a confidant, and some even want an outlet for their passions from time to time. Though I can not help but wonder, what exactly are you looking for in a warder, Eqwina Sedai" In this moment, with Eqwina Sedai looking quite happy with the way the night was developing, Kastor realized that he was right in his choise of gift. Eqwina did look like a cat right now, a happy cat at that. Though he was not yet clear if on whether he was the mouse or not
  10. When Eqwina Sedai moved in closer, so close that he could feel her, it was an unexpected but most welcome surprise! He was quite tempted to put his arm around her shoulders, but there were still quite a few people from the Tower present. He could not risk getting Eqwina Sedai in trouble, or get himself in trouble. So he just leaned towards her, both to hear her better and so they will touch just slightly. “Tell me, what do you think of Aes Sedai? You and your father seem to have different views. I never remember him dancing in all his time in the yards.Do you wish to be bonded as well?” This was a serious question, so Kastor answered seriously "My views on Aes Sedai were developed watching the Sedai in the Yards, and watching the few who visited my father. Even though they claimed to be his friends they acted distant, and had a demeanor about them like they are superior. They also seemed to always have this or that suggestion, always for the benefit of me or my father. So I learned pretty early on that an Aes Sedai will always have at least two plans in motion. But I also learned something else. For all the power they have, they are still women, with all the strenghts and weakness of normal women. Though most seem not to like this fact. The views on Aes Sedai of my father are similar. Though his are jaded from his previous experience with Aes Sedai. I am sure you have heard of my father's story, Eqwina Sedai. It does not seem to be a secret in the tower grounds. Or perhaps you mean my rather frivolious attitude towards you, Eqwina Sedai? Well, I guess I am just like that. Plus, you're the first Aes Sedai who exchange more then a few words with me, and the first Sister that I can trully call friednly." He wasn't quite sure what Eqwina wanted to hear, so he went with the truth. It was his experience and observation that this was the best tactic for such an occasion "As for bonding - I would not mind being bonded. Who knows, if I survive all of my father's training, I might become a warrior who is capable of keeping an Aes Sedai safe. Then perhaps finding an Aes Sedai to trust me with her life will be easier"
  11. Well now, this was certainly better than most of his nights. Which consisted of his father and him doing a recap on the days training, reading and some lessons in hand to hand fighting followed by first aid and herbalism class. Often that was more out of nessesity than anything else. But tonight Kastor got to enjoy the company of a true lady. The was something about Eqwina that simply drew him, and it was not just her beauty. She was, well - friendly! And quite different from most of the Aes Sedai he has met so far. Why most of them would actually grab him by the ear and drag him to his father had he done half of what he had done so far! “I cannot say that I have seen much of your training these last years, but I did see you today and perhaps your road is not as long as you think. You have a great talent in you..much as your father did at your age.” When his father was his age, he had been in the Tower for a short time, about an year or so. Kastror did note the fact that obviosuly Eqwina Sedai knew his father. True, that comment aged her, but he was not concerend about that. Being an Aes Sedai, it could very well be that Eqwina Sedai was old enough to be his grandmother or older. But her looks and wits made it easy to ignore her age. "It seems as if your father has kept himself very well informed.I cannot say all that there is to know about me in one night. My life has been far too long to be covered in only idle chatter. Perhaps though, you and I will have other chances to speak? I can tell you that I am enjoying my evening, and hope it is not the last we spend together. I do not have the gift of telling the future, but I have a feeling that there is a future for you and I.” Kastor managed to successfully supress a smile. He was glad to hear that Eqwina Sedai was enjoying her company, it did let him know that he has not overstep any boundries in his flirting. If anything, Eqwina Sedai seemed to enjoy it as much as he did. "First, I would like to thank you for the compliment, Eqwina Sedai, though it is yet to be seen how long the road ahead will be. Perfection is an ongoing art, this is a saying I hear often around the Yards. And perfect ladies, such as yourself, deserve perfect warders" - a small pause was made in which Kastor got to enjoy his drink and seeing Eqwina wonderful smile again. - "And I was hoping that this will not be the first and last evening, we spend together, Eqwina Sedai. I must admit that I have had a wrong idea of Aes Sedai before I met you. I always thought there will be more ... distant, and cold to a degree. But you have proven me wrong, Eqwina Sedai. You've proven to me that Aes Sedai can also be open, warm and friendly" But still she is an Aes Sedai, something Kastor did not let slip his mind. Who knew what was it exactly in him that caught her interest. Perhaps it was his father, perhaps it was Kastor himself, perhaps something entirely different! But still, an evening spend in the company of Eqwina Sedai was a pleasure! Time flew without noticed, and the Tavern was starting to empty. He was not the only one who noticed this. Eqwina's fingertips ran gently over his hand as she spoke softly “I do not think a dance would go amiss. It may be that if you asked I would say yes.” Kastor listened for a moment to the music. Right now it was a slow, lyrical track - not bad, but not quite what he had in mind. So he smiled at Eqwina Sedai. "Oh I would definately ask, Eqwina Sedai. But I do think that the current music is suitable for a lady such as you. You're more fiery than this." Even if she was disappointed by this development she did not show it. In a few moments though, the music changed to a more lively tune, often played at Carnavals. This was much more like it! Kastor stood up, walked over to Eqwina Sedai, bowed respectufully and held his hand out. "Would you please dance with me, Eqwina Sedai" Shooting him with yet another dazzling smiles, Eqwina Sedai took his hand "It would be my extreme pleasure, Kastor" Eqwina Sedai was a gracious as she looked. Extremely light on her feet, and she did not seem to have any trouble to let Kastor lead her in the dance, something quite surprising for an Aes Sedai, or at least for the idea Kastor had of an Aes Sedai. And idea which, as the gorgeous Eqwina Sedai has proven tonight, was in need of a serious overhaul. Kastor caught himself thinking that he would not mind spinning Eqwina Sedai for a dance or two more, but all good things were good in moderation. As the dance came to an end, Kastor applauded his dance partner. "Amazing, Eqwina Sedai, simply amazing! It seems your talents just come one after the other!"
  12. The smile on Eqwina Sedai's face was worth the time spend choosing the cat doll, and the price Kastor payed for it. She really needed to smile more, though Kastor was not quite sure how to tell her that yet. “Truly she is wonderful Kastor, but your presence was gift enough. I have always wished to have a cat, and now I have one to call my own.” With the cat safe in her lap, Eqwina motioned for him to seat. As he sat down, he was in for a surprise. Eqwina removed her cloak and now her Kastor could enjoy, literally, her choise of clothing for tonight. And they way she moved told him that she has noticed his attention, and that she did not mind it. For a moment, Kastor was not sure if he was the hunter or if he was the one being hunted in this game, but in all the games that were really worth playing, the roles of the players involved often changed. “I have already orders us meals, would you like a drink?” Gesturing to the waitress she allowed Kastor to order. Kastor order a glass of wine, red wine and waited for it to be brought. Once his drink was in his hand Eqwina spoke. “While we wait on our food, why don’t you tell me more about you? I am anxious to know how one as young as you can do so well against Daemon.” The mention of his father name made Kastor once again run his father advice through his head. It was indeed sound advice. Thankfully their current topic did not put Kastor in danger of poking the wound Eqwina Sedai had. " I will answer your question in a moment, Eqwina Sedai, but first I would like to propose a toast" - he raised his glass. - "To your health, Eqwina Sedai, and to your beautiful smile! I hope I will be lucky enough to see it often from now on" As the glasses clinged and both had drank to the toast Kastor continued. "You pay me a compliment I do not deserve, Eqwina Sedai. The spars with my father are mostly a desperate struggle, usually in vain, on my part to remain unstruck. But I dare say that my father's efforts spent on training me are starting to bare results. I have lived with my father in the Barracks for a bit more than 13 years now, and he began training me soon after that. I guess the work he did in those 13 years is responsible for me being able to atleast delay the inevetable at this point defeat at the hands of my father. I still have a long road ahead of me, but I dare say that I have made my first steps on that road. And I believe that they have not be unsure stagger either" Kastor made a pause to take a sip of his wine. It seemed that it this point the musicians decided to play a tune. It was a quite a popular dance melody. And Kastor began tapping out the rythm with his free hand "Such tunes usually manage to bring even the worst dancers on the dancefloor. They have such an effect even on me. Truth be told - I would love to ask you to a dance, Eqwina Sedai. But they are too many eyes here, too many people who know who you are. I can not imagine what rumours will be started about you if they see you dancing with a trainee, and I do not wish to cause any harm to you and your reputation." - he took another sip from his wine. - "So please, excuse me for rambling, Eqwina Sedai. I hardly give you the chance to say a word - so please, tell me a bit about yourself. All I know about you come from my father and he said nothing besides that you a Sitter and the Head of the Yellow Ajah, and that I should treat you with the utmost respect. Sounds advice indeed, and I intend to abide it. But you're the first Aes Sedai I exchange more than a greeting with, Eqwina Sedai, so I hope you'll pardon my curiousity." Kastor was being honest. Eqwina was indeed the first Aes Sedai he has exchange more then greetings with. And she has caught his interest, just like it seemed he has cuaght hers. Kastor Ronshor
  13. Today was a day full of surprises for the young trainee. As he was making his way to the Gardeners Delight he was trying to run a recap of all that has lead to this. Obviously Eqwina Sedai had seen him spar with his father, and perhaps overhead the end of their conversation. She obviously has often requested Tower Guards or Trainees to help her out with various tasks since the Master at Arms cleared him to go into the city without any problems. Even his father has given him the green light to go! Though the old man did warn him that Eqwina is an Aes Sedai, and that she can easily be his great grandmother even if she looks as someone slightly older than he is. He also warned him, or he actually forbade him to be precise, to try any of his games on her. Eqwina Sedai, he said is an Aes Sedai who has recently experience the loss of her Warder and she should be treated with respect and understanding. Well Kastor didn't show any disrespect for her, and what his father called "his games" seemed to actually help Eqwina Sedai deal with her sorrow. So what his father saw as disrespectul behavior was actually helping. Plus, Kastor had more ideas on hos to cheer up. On his way to the tavern, he stopped in a toymaker's shop. He wasnted to make Eqwina Sedai a gift, something to take her mind of and make her smile. She needed to smile more. She had a beautiful smile. Kastor choise a plushie of a cat, who has the same green eyes like Eqwina. With the gift chosen and bought he hurried towards the tavern, as he did not want to late. As he reached the tavern, he took a while to make sure he was looking ok. His hair was tied in a tail, a habit he copied from his father, he was wearing a a suit of a blue coat and pants, he looked good in blue. The collar of his white shirt took him a moment to straightned, and with confidence Kastor pushed the door open and walked in. He took a few steps back and looked around for Eqwina Sedai. She wasn't at any of the tables near the door or at those in the middle of the room. A bit further in Kastor's gaze fell upon a woman who he thought is an Aes Sedai, and soon his suspicions were confirmed as he spotted the serpent ring on the woman's finger, but it was not Eqwina. A few more moments spent in exploration resulted in him spotting the lady he was looking forward to meeting. Eqwina Sedai was sitting on a table near the far end of the room, with her back towards the wall. As Kastor neared she smiled at him. It was hard to say what impressed him more - her genuine smile which made her look like a girl his age, or her golden silk taraboner dress, clinging to her body, acsenting her curves and hinting at what it hid. Eqwina was indeed a beautiful woman, who obviously knew how to dress to her beauty will stand out. It took a a bit of willpower for Kastor not to stand and stare but instead to bow to Eqwina Sedai with the respectful bow the Tower Guard used. "I was looking forward to tonight, Eqwina Sedai, as our little chat today was most pleasant. And I must say that you look absolutely gorgeous tonight. The dying light sometimes takes away from a lady's beauty, but for you it has the opposite effect - it only enchances it. And I hope you would forgive my delay, I just wanted to pick up a little gift for you, Eqwina Sedai" - before she could react, Kastor took the kitty doll he bought for her and placed it on the table. - "I hope you like cats, Eqwina Sedai" Kastor Ronshor Trying hard to impress a lady
  14. Well now, the name Ronshor sure has caught this lady's attention. This was not the first time Kastor has seen the effect of their family name. Obviously there was a lot more to his time here in the Tower than what his father has told him. Now he would love to hear his full story, and that of his mother - Arie Tarou Ronshor. But alas, if his father was laconic when asked about his history he was literally mure when Kastor asked about Arie. Though on second though, it was perhaps better that his father did not tell him. If the truth turned out be as impressive as what Kastor imagined then who knows what expectation would be set to him by his peers. And even worse - what expectations he would have set for himseld. As if he did not have enough to live up to already! The name Ronshor did bring certain bonuses, but it also came with a responsibility. Though perhaps Eqwina's interest in him was not fueled only by his name. Kastor noticed her look - like a cat looking at a mouse. Add to that her smile and the slight flutter of her eyelashes and Kastor was getting quite the different picture. "You're name is quite elegant, as befiting a lady like you, Eqwina Sedai." - well then, if Eqwina Sedai did not seem to mind the game, play on! - "But alas, I will have to turn down your invitation for lunch. The lunch hour is almost done, and my day is is quite full. The Gaidin tend to keep us busy. However .. " Being an Aes Sedai, Eqwina was practically impossible to read. But Kastor could feel her eyes on him, keeping track of his actions. And so far, even though it was just a hunch, he thought that she was quite amused of this situation. So what he was about to do might not be as foolish as it first seemed. "However, I will have about two free hours around dinner time. Perhaps you would not mind sharing dinner with me, Eqwina Sedai? I do not know if I will be allowed to go into the city at that time, but even if permission to go into the city is not given, you company will more than make up for that." She was an Aes Sedai, after all, and he was a Tower Trainee. Sooner or later Kastor would have to meet and deal with Aes Sedai. So why not start with one who is friendly and so beautiful that Kastor would not mind a dance or two with her, Aes Sedai or not!
  15. Now let's see, Kastor took a bite of his sandwich, what did we learn today? Well the first thing was that in addition to the eyes on the back of his head, his father seemed to have eyes on his abdomen too. He was holding the bokuto with one hand so obviously he was not relying on power. Now, his father was fast, and at this stage he was more deflecting Kastor's attacks then directly confronting him, so speed over power was a logical choise, but there was still something not quite right. For one handed strikes, they sure did hurt!! Now where was this strength comming from? Hmm ... “You seem to do well against a Master for one so young.” It was not often that you hear such a lovely voice, like a girl who just might be interest to flirt with you, so Kastor made sure to pay much attention to the person who the voice belong to. And that was a good decision. The voice came from a petite woman, with long black hair. She was quite curvetious, and it took a serious concentration of will on Kastors side not to allow his gaze to slide on the curves of her body and instead concentrate on her face. And to be honest - her girl like voice was fitting to her face. The lady in front of him, even though she had the ageless look of an Aes Sedai, she could easily pass for a girl that you would love to take to a dance and perhaps steal a kiss or two from. For a moment Kastor was wondering if he shoul wrap his arm around her waist and lead her off for a dance, but then again, she was an Aes Sedai. "Well, I am glad you have liked my performance, my Lady, though I fear I have a long way to go before I trully manage to make the Grandmaster break sweat. But I am actually quite pleased with my performance today. And it is definately not every day, that I get him to admit that I was actually on to something! But please excuse my babbling, my Lady. I have not even introduced myself yet" Kastor stood up and held his hand out for the lady. As she reached out for the handshake Kastor took her hand, but instead of shaking it, he almost touched her knuckles with her lips. True, he did breach protocol a bit. He was supposed to wait until she offered him his hand, not to surprise her with a kiss during a handshake. But most women did not mind such small surprises every now and then. He was hoping that she would not either. “I would know the name of one so skilled as you, if you please?” So far so good - her voice did not show that she was displeased. And the smile that made her green eyes sparkle also did not speak of displasement. "My name is not to a secret, so I see no reason why not sharing it. I am Kastor Ronshor, my lady." - Kastor could see the interest in her eyes when he mentioned his family name. - "Yes, I am related to Grandmaster Daemon Ronshor, if that is what you're thinking. I am his son, in fact. And may I have have your name, my lady?" Kastor Ronshor Attempting charmcasting
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