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Advanced Reading Copy of tEotW


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So I was inside half-price books the other day with my family, and after looking fruitlessly for an "Encyclopedia of World Religion", I decided to check out the WoT section again. (I always do, have to complete that hardcover set), when I saw a rather large paperback copy of tEotW.  ::)


Curious, thinking it could of been one of those failed attempts at a "kid's version" of it, the one with the extra chapter in tEotW, and broken into two smaller books, I pick it up, and am astounded to see that not only are the interior/exterior covers reversed, but that under the title, its printed that it is an "Advanced Reading" edition.  Holy crap!! :o


I open it up, and I am astounded to find the words repeated on the inside - "Advanced Reading Edition - NOT FOR SALE". Amazed that the fates had alligned into a miricle, I instantly purchased the book at an incredibly cheap price - the booksellers hadn't a clue as to what they had on their hands, they just litted it at a price less than that of a mass-production paperback copy,  I ran home with is (and 6 other 1-st edition hardcovers bought at $5.95 a peice!!) and gingerly placed it on my shrine of WoT.  So today I get curious as to what something like this might sell for online, so I get to searching... and... 


NOTHING! Nada! Zipp!  Wow!  :o On the whole online universe (mostly ebay), there are no advanced reading editions floating around ANYWHERE.  :D


It's not like I would actually sell it by choice, but I got really curious. I was wondering how much a copy might sell for.  Any imput would be wonderful...


I'll try to upload some pictures soon.

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I did a search on Ebay and found a complete EotW ARC that sold for about $26. 


Another intresting point about ARCs being a collector's item.  ARCs are sent out before the final edit.  So there might be little things in the ARC that isn't in you HC tEotW.  :o


(Maybe if someone finds a ARC of FoH it would say who killed Asmodean.)


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