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Introducing Myself

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Welcome to DM!


As for joining the White Tower, that depends whether you want the ORG side or the RP side. I don't know about the ORG RP side, but all you need to do is post in the WT ORG board that you are a new member, and things will be taken from there.


Also, check out the other ORGs, like the Band of the Red Hand, DM's music and travel ORG. Apart from discussing music and travel, we have loads of fun, whether it be brawling, gambling, drinking Brew by the Campfires, fighting each other in the arean by playing our dice-based ORG Game, posting around or several other ways we have fun. Plus the Band is the place to be at DM! ;)


But whatever you end up doing here at DM, have fun! :)


EDIT: Just noticed I had made a mistake as I said I didn't know about the ORG side when I meant RP! Corki

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Arani!  :) As Corki said, how you join the White Tower depends. Do you want to join the roleplay (RP) White Tower or the Org? Of course, there is no stopping you from joining both.  :)

To join the Org side of things, take a look at this thread: clicky.


Have fun!  :D

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM! We are thrilled that you decided to join us! I hope that you have a great time nad come check out the Band of the Red Hand when you get done with the WT!

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