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OK. So I've heard almost 400,000 people give reference at one point or another about Slayer doing something.  It's been a while since I read the books, but usually I can at least remember WHEN characters are mentioned.  I don't know if there is already a post on this question, and frankly I'm ashamed to ask one that I'm sure most people know the answer to.  However, I just can not remember who Slayer is, and where he has played a part in the story.


Can anyone give a quick summary on who Slayer is, and when he has been present in the book?

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Basically Slayer is the amalgamation of two men, Luc Mantear of Andor and Isam Mandragoran of Malkier. Isam was the first to be captured by the Shadow, when he was little more than a baby during the fall of Malkier--he is Lan's cousin, and the son of the man who tried to take the throne from Lan's father, the act that ultimately led to the fall of Malkier. Luc is Tigraine's brother, and Rand's uncle, and went north at Gitara Moroso's biding (she apparently directed him to do so on a foretelling).


In short the two were caught, and through the Dark One's power joined together into one man who has two souls. This is the being we call Slayer. Slayer cannot channel, but he can enter Tel'aran'rhiod phsyically (this is by the way how he changes between being Isam and Luc. It is during the the jump to TAR that it occurs).


Slayer basically works as an assasin for the shadow. His original mission in the Shadow Rising was to kill Fain, it was for that purpose that he initially brought the shadowspawn to the two rivers. Since then we have learned that it was he who killed Amico and Joiya, and that he had been given a mission by an unnamed forsaken to kill Rand and Min. He has also shown a predilicition for hunting wolves in TAR, though this seems more a hobbie than a mission.


The only other thing of curriosity about the man is that he is mentioned in the dark prophecy from the great hunt.


Luc came to the Mountains of Dhoom.

Isam waited in the high passes.

The hunt is now begun. The Shadow's hounds now course, and kill.

One did live, and one did die, but both are.

The Time of Change has come.


This seems to suggestively link him to Darkhounds, and when added to his pre-occupations with killing wolves (as we know wolves souls are what makes a Darkhound a Darkhound) it certainly seems possible.


A somewhat onconnected curiosity is that Verin knows Luc is mentioned in that prophecy, and that it has certain dire overtones, and yet when she meets and seemingly recognizes Luc she says nothing.


Hope that helps.

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also he is iimune to channeling and most physical attacks (at least outside the world of dreams) his only vulnerability seems to be Mat's Medallion.


That entire statement is incorrect, from start to finish.  Slayer is not immune to channeling, he can be stabbed or shot like anyone else, and Mat's foxhead ter'angreal would just be a piece of metal to him.


Cubarey ... you described a Gholam, not Slayer.

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Actually Perrin almost killed Luc in the Wolf Dream but he got healed by Aes Sedai.


Please referance which book and chapeter, the only person who got hurt in the dream world and was healed by an Aes Sedai, that I remeber was the spider.  That was when Silverbow shot her to help Nynaeve escape.


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