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New...and saddened...

Thrain Aldragoran

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I was in the process of reading Winter's Heart the second time through before getting into Knife of Dreams for the first, when I heard the horrible news.


I attempted to get my friends and family to understand the importance of this.  My favourite author has left this world.  But they didn't understand.  How could they?  I was desperate to find someone, anyone who felt as I did so that I knew I wasn't alone in this.


And so here I am...


I don't really have much to say, except that RJ was an inspiration, and I wished more than anything to be at his funeral, to pay my respects to this wonderful man.  But alas, such is not for everyone, especially not just "another fan" like myself.


"Till shade is gone, till water is gone..."

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Welcome to Dragonmount. We are glad to have you, even under the circumstances. We hope you stick around this wonderful community.


If you start browsing around, feel free to join us for light hearted fun in Fiddlesticks. Or join us in Organised games where we play things like The Land of Doubles, Guessing Games, Mafia, and Pictophone.

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*slowly enters the room, tail hanging low, but eyes light up when he sees someone new!*


We all miss RJ, he was brilliant, actually more than brilliant, RJ knew how to keep us all glued to his books...


Well anyway, welcome to DM, I'm sure it is here that you will find the peace you are searching for. If you've got any any questions,, feel free to drop by the Wolfin Party (here in the New Members area), I'm sure they'll answer any questions you may have...


Welcome once again! ;D

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM. We are glad to have you join us, whatever the reason. I, too, went home and told my family that the world had lost RJ and couldnt make them understand the significance. So I come to DM and I talk to people who knew him through his work and who also feel how strange it is to miss someone that you have never really met. DM has been a comfort to me and I hope that it is to you as well.


This is the part where I invite you to come and check out the Band of the Red Hand. We would love to have you join in on our brews and brawls, jousts and games. Enjoy your time here at DM. 

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Welcome to DM!


I haven't told anyone outside my circle of WoT fans about RJ's death - I just don't think they would understand. It is still quite hard, as RJ's passing is the first of those famous people to really have affected my life. But we are glad you have found fellow minded people here at DM. :)


Now, as you have probably seen, DM has much to offer! But one place to check out, like Stef said, is the Band of the Red Hand ORG. It's the place to be at here at DM - it is where the most fun is guaranteed to be had! So why not pop by and join the greatest fighting machine in Randland!


But whatever you do here at DM, have fun! :)

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