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I'm surprised Lanfear didn't smell bad....explain???


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Hey, I just finished a re-read of TGH, and I'm pretty sure Lanfear did smell bad. Hurin is talking right after Rand brings them back via the Portal Stone and he says that everything in the other world stank and that he still couldn't get the stink out of his nostrils because Selene still smelled bad, but he didn't make the connection because he was awestruck by her beauty and thought she was a lady and wouldn't have done any violence.


(I don't have my books with me so I can't supply the exact quote but it is there)



Edit: I think RAW may have been wrong  :o*:shock:* :o

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I think RAW may have been wrong  :o *:shock:* :o


LOL ... it would be far from the first time, and I might have been here too ... but I don't really think so.


In TGH ch 17, soon after Rand brings, Hurin, Loial, and Selene back into the regular world through the Portal Stone, Hurin says,


"I could smell it all the time, there, killing and hurting, and the vilest evil you could think of.  I could even smell it on us.  On all of us.  Even on you, my Lady, if you'll forgive me saying so. ... I'm glad we're out of there.  I can't get it out of my nostrils yet, all the way."


So, yes, Hurin did smell it on Selene ... but he smelled it on Rand and Loial too, so it seems to have been the place, not any deeds she did.  Once they were back in the regular world, it apparently dissipated from Selene just as it did from the rest of them, since he never mentions it again, and he certainly would have if it had stayed through the several days they waited for Fain, and the several more days they traveled to Cairhien.  Even if he didn't connect it to Selene, if the smell had stayed, he would have mentioned it again.

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