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  1. I just finished Jim Butchers Codex Alera series. I quite enjoyed it.
  2. I've been reading the Old Man's War trilogy (though I think there will be a fourth book coming out this year?) by John Scalzi... I LOVED the story, definitely recommended. I've also started reading the Firekeeper series my Jane Lindskold... kinda juvenile but still fairly enjoyable.
  3. The problem with unraveling a weave and then letting it go is that you don't know what will happen. It could blow up, or it could still everybody within a mile of it, or absolutely nothing could happen... remember, Elayne (I think it was her) suggested that very thing, using a partially unravelled weave as a weapon and Aviendha told her it wouldn't work.
  4. I recommend Dean Koontz if you liked Stephen King.
  5. Assuming of course that time travel is possible... time is a single stream, what has happened is the only possible course of action, because it has already happened. We cannot alter history, take for example Lincoln's assassination. you could not go back in time and prevent that from happening, because we already know that it happened. If it had been prevented we would see that in all the history books.
  6. I do think that Lan is the best, but I believe that Galad is equal to Rand in the second place spot. I know that won't be popular, but Valda was very good and Galad was able to beat him (albeit it was a close match. As for Galad being defeated by Mat, well Mat is quite good with a quarterstaff and even the greatest swordsman ever (Jearom, I think) lost to a farmer with a staff, and I doubt anyone could match him.
  7. I hadn't heard of him before, but I went to his website and downloaded the rough draft of Warbreaker and it was pretty good. I'll probably read some more of his books as well.
  8. :D just ask RAW and Luckers, they've memorized the books I think ;D I look forward to the book. :)
  9. An author has been chosen for the last book :o http://www.dragonmount.com/News/ hsa anyone read Brandon Sanderson's books? are they any good? Oh and an interview with Mr. Sanderson http://www.dragonmount.com/Books/Memory_of_Light/brandon_interview_01.php
  10. Hey, cool, he posted Ishmael!! And Tuon is black (and bald or with very short fuzzy, hair), not Asian
  11. wow, I'd never thought of Caddy as a Voice before and have always disliked her, but now I kinda see where she's coming from
  12. I don't know but Nynaeve always used all five of the Powers not just Air, Water, and Spirit like the rest of the AS. So I don't see why Flinn couldn't have just learned it on his own, especially with Osan'gar's nudge in the right direction.
  13. All right, fine spoil my fun. :P Yeah the whole Hurin not mentioning it again did occur to me later. Oh, well. :D
  14. Hey, I just finished a re-read of TGH, and I'm pretty sure Lanfear did smell bad. Hurin is talking right after Rand brings them back via the Portal Stone and he says that everything in the other world stank and that he still couldn't get the stink out of his nostrils because Selene still smelled bad, but he didn't make the connection because he was awestruck by her beauty and thought she was a lady and wouldn't have done any violence. (I don't have my books with me so I can't supply the exact quote but it is there) Edit: I think RAW may have been wrong :o*:shock:* :o
  15. I am a mechanical engineer, recently escaped from college to wreak havoc upon the world BUWAHAHAHAH. I work for an aviation electronics company in Iowa. And spend the rest of my time reading, hunting and playing computer games.
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