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Who Were These People?


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Most people believe that our "age" is one of the seven ages in WoT, and the third age is in our past/future. If you've never heard this before I'm sure someone would be happy to point out all the clues in the text that support this. There is some question as to whether each soul is reborn in each age, but this is likely the case. Consider that Birgitte was reborn several times in the current WoT age, though she is not an average soul. If all this is true, who were the main and other influencial characters in our age? And, could their past lives give clue to whats going to happen in AMoL?


Some ideas:


Artur Hawkwing- King Arthur

Lan- Lancellot

Egwene- Gwenevire?


Hmm, I wonder who Hitler is? :-\


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Lookup some of the mythological WOT threads.


It's not modern-day social commentary, it's mythological reference.


Birgitte and Cain and Marian and Robin Hood.


al'Thor and Artur are King Arthur.


Lan of the Thousand Lakes is Lancelot.


(Most are King Arthur references).


The Dragon of Chinese mythology has 113 black scales and I think 51(?) white- the Hundred Companions and the bonded Aes Sedai.


And on.

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