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  1. While the sci fi stuff is fun, what makes the Wheel of Time series so great is that it is about regular people struggling to overcome pain and their own failings. It is a uniquely human story. When RJ said that this third/fourth age isn't important I think he meant it wasn't "unusual": the same forces that bear upon these characters are present right now in the real world, and will probably be present in some form until humanity goes extinct.
  2. I always thought Gitara sent Luc to the Blight not because she had a master plan, but because she had a foretelling he had to go there. She was only carrying out the Will of the Pattern. As for why the Pattern wanted Luc to go to the Blight... it could be as simple as the Pattern weaves both good and evil into its designs, but is neither. Or, if we want to believe the Pattern is biased towards the Light, Slayer may have been necessary for Perrin's growth and development. Without him, Perrin might have turned himself in to the Whitecloaks back in book 4 and be dead when Rand needs him later on.
  3. Except for Elan and Moghedien at the end, the DO always limited the amount of TP anyone could access. I always wondered why he didn't just give them all as much as they desired. At the end he gave Moghedien full access and she briefly become pretty powerful. If all the Forsaken had been given unlimited access the forces of the Shadow would have been pretty hard to stop. The ending explains why the DO was so stingy: give someone unlimited access and they could grow beyond control. While this "flaw" in the TP seems a little too convenient, it did have some foreshadowing.
  4. Mat cannot channel now or ever; he is able to touch an a'dam without feeling pain. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Gawyn, Galad, or maybe even Lan is revealed to be able to learn at the end of the series. There is no time for them to develop the ability and use it in Tarmon Gaidon, but it could be a part of an epilogue. That way we can know characters like Nyneave and Egwene won't be widows most of their lives.
  5. Sort of quick question... Everyone assumes that Callandor must be used in a circle with two women and one man. Since this type of circle must be lead by a woman, Rand cannot be in control. The purpose behind using this circle is to: 1) provide a buffer so the wielders aren't burnt out by mistake, and 2) to allow a woman to use Callandor which magnified the taint and created erratic behavior in men. However, without the taint, the second reason is irrelevant. The first is still important, though Rand appears capable of using Callandor without severing himself. But if creating a buffer is of concern, there is another circle of three that could be used: two men and one woman. This circle is possible, even though it is the only circle to have more men than women. And a man can lead it. So, why can't Rand, Nyn, and maybe Narishma (who has been tied to Callandor before) carry out the deed with Rand in control?
  6. "Forgive me if I call this mercy as well" from tGS. There was so much pain in that scene, just under the surface. Beautifully written.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the "in his hands" quote is just an accident. Its a big series, and I think the "Three Become One" quote is from near the beginning. On another note, the onyx hand could be Moridin. It appears that the connection between Rand and Moridin has physical implications; Moridin complains about his hand being stiff after Rand loses his hand to Semirhange. Graendal comments on it in ToM or TGS, I can't recall which. This may be a sign that Moridin's hand is "dying" and will turn black.
  8. Does that mean Byar was a darkfriend? How do we know it was Byar?
  9. Ehh, we don't really know what Callandor is made of. We already know one material that resists Balefire. Its not a stretch to assume there are other exotic materials that can do the same thing.
  10. Just because the "flaw" was not intended by Callandor's original manufacturers does not mean it wasn't intended by the Pattern. That being said, the flaw alone may not be what makes Callandor special. In the begin of tDR Rand has a dream about Callandor where it speaks to him. Paraphrasing as best I can, it says, "Whoever wields me, wields destiny. Take me, and begin the final journey." I think an interesting question is, where did that voice come from? Was it speaking symbolically, or does Callandor really weave destiny? Did Rand begin the final journey the moment he laid hands on Callandor's hilt, or is the "final journey" something to come? Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  11. I could name about a dozen other things Sanderson did that were far worse than making Androl overly insightful. He is hardly the first character to question Aes Sedai divinity. In fact, the majority of average joes we have met in this series have been distrustful and/or disdainful of Aes Sedai. I get what your saying; Androl spoke of Aes Sedai weaknesses in a way that most commoners would not be educated enough to understand. I just don't think those weaknesses are as hidden as you imply. We don't even know Androl's full background. His comments seem pretty in line with what a former noble might say.
  12. If they fix the linking issue, (and I think they must, its just too big to cover up) I hope they address the issue of Pevara not being able to see Saidar when woven by a man. We can say with some certainty that whomever leads a mixed circle can see both halves of the Power in their own weaves, but unless leading a mixed circle allows one to see both halves of the Power in general, it would be impossible for Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends to pass on their knowledge of more advanced weaves involving Saidar and Saidin (like the weave protecting Callandor) to others. Furthermore, if Semihrange is any guide, male and female channelers had a working knowledge of how to form cross gender weaves. (The torture weave.) Men and women must have been able to show each other what they were doing. And while Pevara may not have been granted the ability to see Saidin since she wasn't in control, there is no reason she shouldn't see her own half of the Power regardless of where it came from. Consider that Grady and Neald saw Saidin as it was woven by the Bowl of the Winds even though no man was active in that link. On another note, doesn't it seem as if Brandon is setting Androl up to be able to defeat the Dreamspike simply by linking with a woman? If that's all it takes to defeat it, it sure is not a very useful Ter'angreal and a horrible security device. In the AoL, men and women linked on a daily basis.
  13. Do we know for a fact the CoL has turned to the shadow in previous lives? Ishammael said so, but Ishy said many things that were just meant to get in Rand's head. But if he has, why couldn't it have been exclusively because of the 13x13 trick? The DO has all of time to try and win. Even if he only 13x13ed Rand once in a thousand turnings of the wheel, that could add up to millions of times. I kind of envision the DO's plight being like the movie Groundhog Day. Because time repeats itself, at least in the essential parts, the DO learns a little bit more every turn. He's tried killing Rand, but that just leads to a draw and a long wait till he is reborn. He's tried smothering the world in trollocs, but even if he overwhelms the forces of the Light, without Rand's soul it just means another draw. He's gotten smarter. He knows that the key to victory is not in great battles, but in the little things, anything, that brings Rand one step closer to giving in. Much of the DO's actions, like sending two armies of trollocs to the Stone of Tear under different commands, make no tactical sense. But thats only because the DO is not trying to win on the field of battle, hes trying to win the fight for Rand's soul. What seems pointless on the surface may make sense to someone who has fought the same fight a billion times and seen it unfold in a billion different ways. If this isn't the case, why not just kill Rand? Or turn him? A few well chosen words in Semi's ear from Shaidar Haran, and she wouldn't have dallied around and gotten herself killed. And I don't think the DO was too stupid to see how Semi's attack was going to unfold, even if he had never seen a similar scenario play out in a previous third age. Semihrange and all of the Forsaken save Elan are predictable. They can't think beyond greed and revenge. Thats why the DO chose them: he doesnt need to waste time wondering what they will do next. The only thing that fits the facts is that Rand is special. He is the key to victory for the Light. He is also the key to victory for the Shadow. His job is to decide.
  14. It is widely speculated that the DO cannot truely "win" in the sense he wants to unless the Dragon, of his own free will, chooses to go over to him. Allowing Rand to Balefire Semi got him one step closer to that goal. Taking Rand to Shayol Ghul would not have. Even if Rand is 13x13ed, he will no longer be acting of his own free will.
  15. Has anyone ever speculated that Egwene might be Latra Posae Decume reborn? Her role in current events bears a striking resemblence to that of Latra's in the past.
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