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Delectable Delights - Fun with Food!


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Once upon a time- I think maybe before we swapped to forums- we had a thread about foods people were making. So I thought it might be fun to have a spot to talk tasty treats, and share ideas (and occasionally recipes should we be so inclined). 

Recently I've started down a new dessert research track (different from my usual cookies and cakes): Custards! Starting with this, my first ever crème brûlée! (Yes the recipe in the cookbook said to bake in a rectangular pan, it's a very old recipe). It turned out to be much simpler than I was anticipating, and delicious! Custard based desserts are some of my favorites. Also - Broilers work VERY fast! I made this when we had friends over this past weekend for a slightly-late St. Patrick's Day get together. 
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Something fun that has been going on lately is our SCA Principality has been doing a 'bake-off' challenge at every event (that also fuels a bake sale to help raise money since our Principality is new).

So I made something new a couple of weeks ago! These are "Candied Orange." Cookies. Sugar cookies stuffed with orange marmalade, and topped with honey and pecans. Fun and fast! Will definitely make these again.

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Thank you! They turned out to be quite popular. ? (I hadn't realized how many people really like orange marmalade). And my husband has already requested a version with strawberry. I think pretty much any fruit that comes in a preserved form would work in these nicely. 

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