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"He will take you back..."


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It's astonishing how much the TV show has brought fans out of their slumber, and I'm no exception. *Apparently* I made an account here nearly 10 years ago but never posted, but after a few weeks of lurking and a few days of posting, I figured I should introduce myself.


It was 1992 or 1993 I first became aware of Jordan's work while browsing in a bookstore with some friends, and I think it was "The Great Hunt" cover that caught my eye. I bought "The Eye of the World" and that was that. Other writers I was reading a lot at the same time were Asimov, Herbert, and Eddings, but Jordan struck a unique blend of sweeping worldbuilding and an intense focus on character growth that was unique.


By the 2000s I was in college and it was the, uh, doldrums of the series. I lost the intense focus but still picked up the books when new ones came out. Sanderson's stewardship reignited the fire and I think I read "A Memory of Light" in less then 48 hours.


Now 8 years later there's a new interpretation of the work and I'm excited to re-engage, complain/celebrate the differences, enjoy family and friends finally connecting with a series that was a huge impact on my childhood, and probably work on another re-read after S1 wraps, my first in at least 5 years.


In past times my favorite character was nearly always Perrin, my first lovingly crafted website was devoted to WoT, and within our little group of friends we loved to theorize and speculate: "who was cyndane?" (obvious), "who was demandred?" (also obvious :p), "who killed asmodean?" (???)!  I never particularly connected with the various online discussion groups but I look forward to chatting with folks.

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Hello fellow old-timer 🙂


You mention quite q few great weiters, obviously. And Eddings (okay, that is a bit low, but Eddings is fun to read, yet I never quite think he is a great writer. Didnt he write with his wife though?)


Yeah, jump right in and talk to us!!

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