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Internal Dialogue


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So much of what happens in a book

happens inside a characters head. This doesn’t always translate well on the screen. Have there been instances where a movie or tv series has actually made the internal dialogue audible and it been done well? I think we lose so much of richness of the story if we don’t see it from multiple POVs or simply from a narrator POV.

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I think they'll rely on a few things to show us inner thoughts. Primarily, the actors will be relied on to show us what their character thinks. But the writers can also add in or modify dialogue to show their thoughts. Saying what they think to someone, or denying what they really think in a way that's obvious to the audience. Some more subtle methods involve cinematography, the way a character is shot can say a lot about them. A really simple and well-known example would be how under lighting makes a character seem more sinister, but that's just the tip of the iceburg.


I don't think they'll do actual "vocalized inner thoughts" because that can be a little cheesy. Maybe with Rand and Lews Therin.

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There’s no more inner dialogue here than any other major works like GOT etc. That’s the challenge of adapting from book to screen. Using narration is actually the laziest way tell a story on the screen and I really hope they don’t do that. 

Now the weaves - that’s somewhat unique to WOT. I don’t think it is overly important - I mean it’s a cool touch but I think you can tell a good story without it - but I am interested to see what they do. 

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