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  1. This is such a Planet of the Apes ending. I love it.
  2. Making alliance with evil empires is just part of war and makes it more realistic. Come on Stalinist Russia? The Seanchan add another layer of complexity but are a problem to be solved in a different age. I have no problem with that.
  3. Ok here is a kind of serious one that would be bad ass. Moiraine is actually Lanfear and has been from the start. It’s all been her ploy to guide and manipulate Rand so they can rule together. It is finally foiled by her falling into the doorframe ter’angreal in a battle with Aviendha. Her reappearance at the Tower of Ghenji at the end of the series is like a redemption arc. She drilled into the bore and released the Dark One in the AOL. Fitting she plays a part in his demise.
  4. Gawyn and the Younglings form a boy band. Elaida is such a fan she even cracks a smile. Tom enters his room in Cairhien and sees Dena dead and covered in gold paint. Sad. Excessive braid tugging results in a traumatic brain injury for Nyneave that can’t be Healed. The only cure? “More Cowbell”
  5. Perrin’s yellow eyes allow him to see through ladies clothing. Mat’s fox head medallion is the Thundercats logo. The ter’anrgeal in Ruindean just blares Creed music. If you can survive “that Tinker song” you come out alive with a dragon tattoo.
  6. So much of what happens in a book happens inside a characters head. This doesn’t always translate well on the screen. Have there been instances where a movie or tv series has actually made the internal dialogue audible and it been done well? I think we lose so much of richness of the story if we don’t see it from multiple POVs or simply from a narrator POV.
  7. Why does Perrin have a beard? He doesn’t grow it till he meets Faile around the time they are at the Stone of Tear.
  8. I agree some deviation is inevitable. Most but not all the changes Jackson made to LOTR made for a better story. But a faithful adaptation is possible. GOT season 1 was almost exactly like the book. There isn’t any reason WOT would have to stray too far from source material until at least book 4 or 5. As the story expands, it would probably be unfilmable without major changes. It’s got to keep in the spirit of the books and I’ll be happy.
  9. Well seeing how I’m new to this forum I didn’t know it had been “discussed in length.” And I don’t really have time to watch weird videos so I guess we will just see when the show comes out this winter. Meanwhile I’ll continue my reread and hope they don’t stray too far from the source material.
  10. Doing a reread for the first time in many years. Is it just me or does Jordan’s writing style take a big leap forward in TDR? It’s still very much in that first trilogy in tone but the writing seems to incorporate more elements we associate with Jordan’s style, ie very detailed descriptions of settings, clothing, thoughts and actions, etc.
  11. Rand is revealed as The Dragon Reborn at the Eye of the World and episode 4 is called “The Dragon Reborn.” Episode 5 is called “Blood Calls For Blood” and is a reference to what Fain writes on the wall in TGH. Episode 6 is “The Flame of Tar Valon” which is the Amerlyn who doesn’t show up till TGH. How can you read anything into this that doesn’t imply both books will be covered in one season. I hope I’m wrong but I’m probably not.
  12. They have only announced episode titles for the first 6 episodes, not the last 2. I can almost guarantee the last 2 will be titles something like “Daes Dae’mar” and “The Forerunners.” How would you bring the Great Hunt portion of the story to a satisfying conclusion if you cut it off midseason?
  13. I’d tell him I’m worried about pacing. From the episode titles we know so far, it can be safely assumed he means to cover the first 2 books in season 1. If these are hour long episodes that’s about 4 hours per book, which is paced like a feature film. I want a more deliberate pacing, similar to GOT, where we have less action and more character development. This is why episodic storytelling (TV) is better at portraying modern fantasy than a summer blockbuster style film. Don’t rush this thing.
  14. The Grinwells are Ishy and Lanfear.
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