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In need of banner

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Hi I need a new banner for the Me'areaths dungeon. 

  A little bit about us for ispiration:

The key to this discipline is the use of the mind as a weapon. Speed and agility are also essential but those who have mastered it are able to out think their opponents. In a fight they are calm, showing little or no emotion, constantly evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the person they face. Forms are used with a cold logic, exploiting flaws in an opponent’s style or technique for maximum advantage. Those who use this discipline must have superior agility and speed in order to exploit these flaws before the window of opportunity closes. They will be able to utilize everything at hand to their advantage be it mind, weapon, voice or their surroundings. This discipline is not extremely difficult to master but constant exercising of the mind as well as the forms is necessary to keep it honed. Each must be sharp, precise, and used in tandem.


This discipline has its main theme centered around Fantasy and Sci-fi in different medias; our members also have interest in various other topics, such as sports, nature, food and beverages, and anything that can be related to those topics.

And our color is purple.

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So here is my first try - the corridor leading to the room is a bit more dungeon like than the room itself XD

I tried to find something that are connected to the "hobbies" part (books, feathers to write, there's a mug for the foodies, ... ) + there are touches of purple.


Don't hesitate to tell me how i can improve it for you ?



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ok since Lava just took it over and i been in it before...hope not out of line, but thats not quite what we were like working around...i kickstarted this consept to try and get the disc to partisipate and build on it


i based it on something someone i knew had somewhat, but taking it even heavier into the game/party dungeon place.


me'arearths color is purple, it would likely be dark so it could have light effects, some shelves to have books but more in the background and not clear book ones, because they needed place for board and card games, costume effects to use while playing to get into the mind/rolle set as well as all the other fantasy stuff like potions, dragons, all type of fantasy  paraphernalias - including stuff that has light features which is why dark would work or they wouldnt give off the right effect. But also a corner bar, with maybe shelves that has lights so it seems the alcohol botles with color content glows up.


obviously all this is not posible to catch in a picture that easily, but maybe can help set the stage more for what the disc dungeon is more about


maybe have the gaming table be a copy of the "knigths of the round table" table type stuff as you want a big table for board games, and keep a fantasy vibe to it


of course Lava can take things her way, but just if she is going with what was worked on before thats more up that street...i got an idea though for that banner if i am not wrong on this ...because i love it for somewhere else we lacks a banner *chough WT staff board chough* that looks so perfectly as a good work space photo with the desk an all





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ahaha you recognized your post lii, lol?


The brown streak in me loves it???❤ however I am not one of those leaders that thought to have my own office or else I would have totally snatched it for that! 

However yes I had in mind of a little darker more purple and focus on the gaming sorry..☺

I actually thought of a huge round gaming  table yesterday too, while doing sig, spooky! ?

But it is my entire fault I see I was way to wague.

The idea is basically a gaming dungeon, backlights totally good idea lii, cause it is like a party only not a wild rave but a little more.. Drinking and having interesting conversations about our favourite topics over a board game sort of things.. I do not know how much is possible to make in a sig but yes at least gaming and maybe the bar.. If possible I would also love a shelf with our potions (just because it is a fun thing we got going on lol) and some books cause like everyone in here we do like to read and keep updated on our favourite topics, however I'm very strickt on that the Me'arearths are a group on its own and not just a warder eddition of the browns. 


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oh okies ?


So lemme summarize it all to be sure I understood it all :


> darker and more like a game / party place

> less books and more cards / board games

> fantasy setting

> potions and/ or bar

> big table for stuff like games


This is very helpful indeed to see what should fit. ?



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Haha...yeah I should have written it better sorry I'm opperating on a fourt part of my usual sleep time...you could argue not to ask for things untill less tired, but who knows when that will be lol.. Sorry for wasting time although I do not feel that banner is a vaste of time it is very beautiful and veeery detailed it gives a good vibe? like lii said it should definetly be put to use! 

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