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just jioned

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welcome, destroyer =)


12th is the one you should ignore. he's just being silly because he's under the delusion it makes him cool. but he has nothing to really tell you.




dragonmount (DM) is split into two sides: the RP and the Org. the RP side is for heavy RPG fans; the Org side also RPs but to a lighter degree & is for just having good MB fun. you can get into both, but i suggest for starting you decide to focus on one.


some Orgs to look at:


Illuminators - the fine arts

The Band of the Red Hand - music

Seanchan - entertainment

Fiddlesticks - everything & nothing. just spam.


hope that helps you sort things out a little! really, just go at your own pace & look at anything you want to. don't feel you need to get started right away, either. i didn't myself =) hope to see you in the Orgs!

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Guest Barmacral

Kait is biased. Check out all the orgs, all of them have something different, something which you might like.


And Welcome! I'm not scary, and I'm also not SboydW, both claims of which Emperor may well make of me.

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Guest Barmacral

Nobody tells 12th to shush. Nobody! Well, except empy, the mods, me, Loki... actually anyone aside from you come to think of it.

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Guest Egwene

Hello and welcome, DoR :)


If you have any questions about anything here on the boards, just ask. As you may have noticed... we are a pretty friendly bunch :D

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Guest Emperor

Erm, I was serious? Do not tarnish my reputation like that!


Welcome to DM newbie.... my org has a harem of women that you can visit if you join.




Yay, Kait likes me... she really does!

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that's awesome! they're great books to read on vacation. especially if it rains on your vacation. 8) which book are you on?


& of course we're interested in you, destroyer! really that's all we're interested in here. ignore the other boys. they have no idea what they're talking about & just want to make you jealous of them so you end up following them. like what happened to essy. i don't know where they got the idea that i like-liked them. kait doesn't like-like anyone.

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