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  1. I was under the impression that he just goes back to normal (as in The Eye of the World through The Shadow Rising kind of normal)
  2. I would suggest King Arthur, but he's already tied to the Horn.
  3. Lewis "Chesty" Puller John Basilone I mean, I can understand people putting Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and others who mainly do non-violent protest, but I was under the impression that the hero's of the horn have to do some fighting. I know fighting isn't the main skill that qualifies someone to be a HoH, but it kind of seems like its an important requirement.
  4. Personally, I think that Rand (unfortunatly) will only be seriosly injured. He will then hand control of his forces to Narshima. Then he will go to Tar Valon to recover from his wounds. You might recognize that from coming from athurian legends. I should also point out that Tar Valon is an imperfect anagram of Avalon, the island were King Arthur was brought to after he was mortally wounded. He was carried there by four enchantresses, one of whom was Morgan Le Fay (Sounds kind of like Moraine), who was related to Elaine and Morgause, the later having a son named Gawain. Combined with the fact that Rand is carrying the sword Justice, which was owned by Artur Paedrag, this isn't an unlikely senario (being carried to tar valon by Moraine and 3 others probably elaine, avienda,nynaeve, min, or egwene.
  5. Am I the only person who remebers Fain stealing the shadar logoth daggar from the wt? That's a pretty big thing...
  6. Definatly Lan. He is most likely Chuck Norris reborn, so he can not be beat. :D
  7. if anyones wondering i've beeen reading the sieries for about three years i'm on vacation but i still brought 10 books by robert jordan with me
  8. Hi , obviosly i just joined this website, even though iv been a fan of the wot series for a while
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