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20 Questions - Movie Edition Round 3


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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels it was in Round 2, well done again, SinisterDeath!


Ok, new movie picked for Round 3!



1. Is the movie rated G, PG, or PG13? Yes

2. Is it a block buster movie? No

3. Per IMDB, is the movie's genre: Animation? No

4. Is it part of a series/franchise of films? No

5. Is it a remake? No

6. Did the movie release after January 1st, 2000? No

7. Did the movie release after January 1st, 1990? Yes

8. Did the movie release after January 1st, 1995? No

9. Per IMDB, is the movie's genre Comedy? No

10. Does it have a single lead actor? No

11. Is it an action, crime or thriller movie? No

12. Is it a children's film? No

13. Per IMDB, is the movie's genre  Romance? No

14. Is it science fiction? No

15. Is it a Documentary? No

16. Is it an American made film? Yes

17. Does it have an IMDB User Rating 6 or greater? Yes

18. Is it based on a book? Yes

19. Is the director an actor who also acts in the film? No

20. Is it A River Runs Through It? YES! 

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