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Birthday Blues {Attn Jagen}


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It had taken her a long time to come to grips that she was not going to be spending only a few years training in the White Tower, but was indeed stuck here for much, much longer. Though her father seemed to be happy to no longer have to mail her a small sum for spending nor donate anything for further education. In fact he seemed rather pleased that she was to become Aes Sedai. All the proper ladies of Andor could only dream of becoming Aes Sedai, though the timeline for prestige was much longer than a marriageable age. 


She had to roll her eyes on that point in her mother's letter. 


But she did appreciate the small gifts of colored blue and green silk ribbons, some sweets and a new kerchief for her birthday. They did not seem to celebrate such things in the Tower. Some novices would sing about it for the first few years, but Aubriana was quick to pick up that Age became its own power so she hid the letter and presents and continued with her day. Dressing proper with a clean brush of her hair and a small neat braid pulling hair back from her face, she approached the room designated for teaching to find a familiar Red Aes Sedai standing inside. 


A deep, appropriate curtsy, "Jagen Sedai. Apologies for keeping you waiting. I'll be sure to arrive early so I do not waste time in our lessons."


Aubriana Daivon


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