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Rand's death foreshadowing?


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p 239 paperback of WH

Master Nory, Elaine's secretary? re Rand, "From what I saw of him, my Lady, I myself would not believe him dead until I sat 3 days with the corpse."


Is this evidence of a resurection/healing more that a body swap?

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Guest Barmacral

I actually just reread that last night. I don't think its forshadowing at all, but more Master Norry giving his opinion that Rand is not currently dead, and doing so in a semi joke form.


Thats all.

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It is foreshadowing.


Rand is the Savior of Randland.


He's got King Arthur, Buddha, Moses, and yes, Jesus imagery.


Hence the "tomb of Shadar Logoth open to give the world hope" line- also New Testament Biblical.


Then there's the "he who is dead yet lives" line.


All clever allusions by Jordan, just like Thom Merrilin's pontifications to Elayne in tSR reveal that Thomdrill Merrilin is a play on Merlin.

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