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  1. well to be clear, i know moirane and siuan could still lie, it was the sentance where Tamra asked them to lie i had questions about since she kinda lied in the sentance, but apparently instructions works :p
  2. i think i get the intention thingy now, ty :) you guys do a great job in helping ppl get deeper into the WoT lore ;D
  3. indeed :p ty for answering my question guys, just found the whole sentance abit wrong :p
  4. but the sentance"Gitara died without speaking" is a lie, even if she instructed them to speak it, so she shouldnt rly be able to say that sentance, but i suppose it can be one of those loopholes :p
  5. While i reread "New Spring" i came upon a lie, atleast in my book (translated to norwegian) that may have been a mistake by the translator but still, I find that I should ask the question to the people that have read the book in English. And can check the exact line. Just after Gitara died, Tamra said to Siuan and Moirane; "If anyone askes what happend,"Gitara died without saying a word", or something close to that. She clearly lied there. So i gotta ask Luckers or whoever thats sees this, did she indeed say that in the english version? And what does this signify? Or is it just
  6. thats meant halfway as a joke dude, if u read the whole thing it dont say a thing about resurection its about when rand hides and master norry dont think hes dead before he see the body.... so i wont say its something about that.
  7. then again, Alvarin did travel so ofc Moirane could. And i agree with the other ppl here that she didnt know much about traveling.
  8. Did you forget about the access keys? Asmodean asks about it in Rhuidean when Rand asks him what he thinks his chances are and I believe Lanfear tells him with it he could challenge the DO and with both of them they could challenge the creator. Possibly in two different conversations. I don't have the book in front of me right now. Lanfear belived they could challange the dark one, dont say they would.with only 2 ppl i dont think they can take the dark one, maybe if they have a sircle with more than 13 of the strongest channelers in the world.. but i dont think 2 ppl can take the dark o
  9. anyway it wont be only the malkieries the borderland rulers said that they had people in the borderlands to hold everything exept a huge war.. so i gues lan gets them in his army to.
  10. it was not shadowspawn it was aiel, many thinks its darkfriends but noone knows exept RJ
  11. the reason thet she did not thale cyande was mostly becouse cyande know how to make her weaves dissapear.. she hed more strength in the Power, she was stronger than leanfear had been..
  12. ok i MEANT that the suain/leane thing was acting not romanda and lelaine
  13. or one of the ravens simply is the army and the other one is tuon comming.... could be or as ppl have said they can symbolise Mat and Toun but i dont rly think so
  14. the main reason for Moirane to belive that was that "the hunters was in illian at that time", now they are all ower the world, ok u can gather alot of then..., i dont think verin would send the horn with mattin becouse who knows what hes doing? he could do alot of things verin did not mean to happend, so the best thing for her to do is to simply get the horn and TRAVELL to illian with the horn, if she wants it to be there..
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