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  1. I agree. There is a bit when Harry is watching Snape's memories where Dumbledore asks Snape if he cares for Harry (or something like that - I've lent my book to a co-worker and can't look it up) and Snape answers "always". I think that it's part of Snape's growth as a person over the years that his change of sides began as a selfish desire to keep Lily around and evolved into genuine love for her and concern for Harry. His treatment of Harry is more a reflection of his anger and resentment toward James.
  2. Hehe yeah there's a lot of people eating crow right now who spent the last two years going "Harry a horcrux?! That's absolutely ridiculous!!" And yes, sooo proud of Neville. I've always known he would find himself in the end. :)
  3. I was very pleased with it. Hedwig's death took me totally by surprise. Dobby was very touching as well. Lupin and Tonks dying is the saddest of all to me, especially Lupin. Having been a werewolf, he was certain he could never have a normal life, but then he found happiness with Tonks and then *wham*. I agree it was pretty necessary for one of the Weaselys to die for credibility. They were at the center of the whole rebellion, it would have been cheap for them to come out completely "unscathed". On the matter of Hedwig and Colin...they were a tad random but that's the whole point and it's something I respect about Rowling. She's taken criticism for the darkness of the HP books and has always said that she's just being honest...the evil geniuses of the world don't spare the innocent. If the casualties were all nameless people it would be hollow IMO. EDIT: It wasn't mentioned in the books though it was hinted at...I think someone notices a smell of goats in the Hogs Head or something like that. I believe it's been a pretty widely accepted theory in the HP online community that the barman was Aberforth. One thing that makes me kind of chuckle is the fact that Harry turned out to be a Horcrux because the online community seems to have regarded that as a rather crackpot theory over the last two years with the non-horcrux camp criticising the other for not having any "facts" to back up their theory. The threads at the forums I visit most are of Who-killed-Asmo proportions and read very much like the circular arguments we have here between the Graendal folks and everyone else. Oh and I briefly thought the diadem was the wedding tiara as well.
  4. I could be just imagining this but I'm not sure RJ is planning a reveal within the books. I seem to remember reading somewhere about him maybe announcing it after AMoL just to put us out of our misery but that he didn't plan to do it as part of the story. I could be wrong because I have no idea where I saw it but...
  5. Taim doesn't show up til a few weeks after Asmo's death... Sorry to keep rainin' on yer parade. :lol:
  6. And I'll continue to tell you that I'm not blind to other facts. I'll consider them, and if someone uncovers something that turns out to be an alibi for Graendal then yay for them. I was wrong. If someone comes up with a suspect who isn't either believed dead, known dead, not introduced or later admitted to not knowing what happened to Asmodean who also knew Asmodean, would have been known by Asmodean blah blah blah, then I'll concede the point. What should I be thinking about when someone brings up a piece of evidence meant to cast doubt on any particular theory? I'm sorry if nothing you've come up with is anything that casts serious doubt on the Graendal theory. I'm also sorry if you don't like it when people can answer your challenges logically. I disagree that one instance of an unsolved murder committed by a non-channeler in which the murderer was in an isolated place and had no fear of interruption and which was committed in a place where nobody but the murderer is likely to go (in order to see blood stains etc.) makes it any less likely that a channeler killed Asmodean. Kadere came up behind Isendre which is what enabled him to kill her without her making a sound. Asmodean saw his killer, recognized him/her, and was sufficently frightened by the sight as to have the blood drain from his face and to make no attempt at self-defense, and died before his words faded from the air. I disagree that any non-channeler we know of would have been able to meet all those conditions. Slayer is the only one who MIGHT have but he's not mentioned for the 5 books between tSR and WH. Even apart from the reasons I don't feel the Kadere/Isendre case is applicable, the notion that a non-channeler might have been able to kill Asmo in the manner described, doesn't weaken the theory as a whole. There are still other conditions to be met, more questions to be answered which can't be without more assumption. If this non-chaneller did it, who was it? How did Asmo know them? Why would they have been in the palace? CAN they have been in the palace? How did they know Asmo? How did they dispose of his body? Why didn't Asmo try to defend himself? Why did they do it? Greandal is the only character for whom I can answer all those questions with information direct from books up to and including tFoH without being contradicted by any of the books after. All anyone can come up with is reasons why some detail or other might not have happened a certain way. Well sure it might not have. But might not != did not. The possiblility that one detail of a theory might have gone a different way does not invalidate the whole theory.
  7. What did you mean then? I would have thought that "facts nobody considers" meant that you thought that nobody ever considered those facts. Silly me.
  8. :roll: Thank you' date=' I know[/color'] No that's not actually what I'm doing. I believe it's the likeliest solution, just as you say you do. I believe my words were "strongly indicates"; not "must be". Why do you insist on claiming that I and others don't consider other possiblities? I've considered them. I've looked at it from every angle, and Graendal is the choice that seems most likely to me. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. But until someone shows me something that's MORE likely I'm going to continue to think it's Graendal.
  9. Kadere's wagon is a tad more isolated and private than the royal palace, eh?
  10. When Demandred visits the DO at the beginning of LoC, it seems like the DO is saying he won't bring Asmodean back, not that he can't. There is a somewhat disputed quote from RJ which implies the DO couldn't have brought back Asmodean even if he'd wanted to. The fact that Asmodean recognizes his killer narrows down the possibilities, eliminating any random assassin. Additionally, the lack of evidence of a murder strongly indicates a channeler. Several books later, Rand still thinks Asmodean is alive. 1)The palace isn't full of Aiel. With the exception of a handful they're all out chasing down the remaining Trollocs and darkfriends. 2)RJ has specifically stated that the DO didn't order Asmodean's death. 3)The Chosen don't have the ability to recognize every darkfriend in existence.
  11. You could read "guardians balance the servants" as "make Aes Sedai back into what they were intended to be"...
  12. I think if the three oathes were removed, an alarming percentage of Aes Sedai would abuse their new found freedom. It's too bad that they're necessary but I think they are.
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