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Hello, everyone!


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Well, I guess I'll introduce myself, since I'm new. I go by the name of Amethea. Please, go easy on me for a bit! I'm still new to this kind of format!


After my sister lent me some of her WoT books, I enjoyed reading them, and so decided to join your forum. I read lots of fantasy, and I write it, too, albeit simply for enjoyment.


I look forward to taking part here!

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Guest Emperor



I claim this newbie and will defend her with my life.. or a life of another SC member who has crossed me and deserves to forfeit his life for his Org Leader (*eyes Corki*)


Welcome to DM. Visit the orgs and check out what kind of posts each houses. You may find a home or two.

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Guest Barmacral

Let the hostage go empy... we'll meet your demands in due course...


Welcome newbie! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you enjoy writing, join the Illuminators, we've got a scribes chapter house for you.

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*waves a dead silver pike at Empy* back awayyyy from the noob.


Welcome to the Community side of Dragonmount! Woot!!! Someone we can corrupt...yes?


What are your plans now that you are here??? Come an visit all the Ajah's and take a look at all the other Orgs as well... we have so many places to look at!


Are you creative? We have an org for that too. *G*

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Hiya Amethea! :D Welcome to DM! Seems you've already got some people homing in on you to corrupt you and turn you to the dark si... I mean, to haul you over to their groups. :D I guess I'd better throw my $.02 in before you're gone, lol! If you decide to come poke around the White Tower Org, please stop by the Yellow Ajah thread to say hi and to introduce yourself. It's a fun and cheery sort of place, and everyone likes to meet new people. ;)

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Careful Calypsa, Verizon might charge you $2.00 for that 2 cent.


Anywho, Welcome Amy..... may I call you Amy? If not I'm a glutton for punishment, it appears, so let me know if I can't call you Amy.... Amy....

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Guest Egwene

In that case... Hi Amy, welcome aboard!


If you have any questions about all the places that people have mentioned, just go ahead and ask... alternatively,, poke your nose in everywhere and check out the mayhem for yourself :wink:


Have fun!

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