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Hi, I'm AstralRadish and i've finally finished reading The Eye of the World (going between real book, audiobook and ebook) after getting the book many years ago from a friend.


In case anyone is interested, I spent the day making some audiobook covers using the original artwork. Maybe there's a subform I can share them in?



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Welcome, AstralRadish! What did you think of The Eye of the World? If I had to guess a subforum for sharing and discussing artwork among other artists, I would say the ACW Tuathan'an Camp would be the one to try.



It definitely had a slow start, although that's probably because I was out of reading books at the time (which lasted for) about 6-7 years, and i'd read the first few chapters a few times :)

I noticed a lot of similarities to the Lord of the Rings especially in the beginning with The Two Rivers, the fades on horseback, the escape across the ferry, the stay at the inn in the first big city etc... It was pretty gripping in the second half when things kicked off. I'm just wondering how things will turn out to make it last for 13 more books :D


I assume that I should read New Spring much later on (in publish order?) What about "The Strike at Shayol Ghul?"

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Yeah, he did that intentionally. He wanted to start everyone off in familiar territory before unleashing this massive world on them, so we start in the Shire, with Hobbits fleeing Ringwraiths. It becomes its own story, though. Indeed, he probably borrowed more heavily from Dune than from Lord of the Rings, but in the end, it is a unique tale, and one worth finishing, despite more slow spots (and even entire slow volumes, in the opinion of many readers) to come. Machin Shin is like something out of a Stephen King novel. I love that.


I read New Spring after Crossroads of Twilight because my son told me to, as that was the publishing order, and I think it was a wise decision. You could have read it first, though. Since you didn't, I would recommend waiting at least until after book five, and if you wait that long, you might as well read it after book ten, when it was released. :tongue:


You can read The Strike at Shayol Ghul at any time, but I would be wary of the rest of The World of Robert Jordan (often referred to as the BWB, or Big White Book, or even The Big White Book of Bad Art) until...I'm not sure when spoilers would stop. Check and see when it was published, and read it in that order. 


The Great Hunt starts out a little slowly too, but once they leave Fal Dara, it picks up nicely, and I think the ending of it is as epic as any volume in the series. It takes a few books for him to really lay the groundwork for channeling, give a backstory, and develop his world. Then there are several awesome books before it bogs down for a few volumes. Each book is SOMEbody's favorite, but almost all fans agree that the story drags for a few books between 8-11, even if they don't agree upon which books drag. I assure you that the series is worth finishing, even though Brandon Sanderson does not match Jordan in many areas, not at the time that he finished the series, anyway.

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Guest merci

Thank you so much for doing this, AstralRadish! I literally made an account here just to thank you for this wonderful work with your albums, they are what I'm using for my own library now.


I also vibe hard with your (re-)reading approach to this series, it mimics my own ?

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