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  1. Thanks! It definitely had a slow start, although that's probably because I was out of reading books at the time (which lasted for) about 6-7 years, and i'd read the first few chapters a few times :) I noticed a lot of similarities to the Lord of the Rings especially in the beginning with The Two Rivers, the fades on horseback, the escape across the ferry, the stay at the inn in the first big city etc... It was pretty gripping in the second half when things kicked off. I'm just wondering how things will turn out to make it last for 13 more books :D I assume that I should read New Spring much later on (in publish order?) What about "The Strike at Shayol Ghul?"
  2. After being disappointed by the old oversaturated 90's style book/audiobook covers that were covered in extra text, I made some new covers using the original artwork with a more modern title style based on the TOR ebooks.
  3. Hi, I'm AstralRadish and i've finally finished reading The Eye of the World (going between real book, audiobook and ebook) after getting the book many years ago from a friend. In case anyone is interested, I spent the day making some audiobook covers using the original artwork. Maybe there's a subform I can share them in? http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/gallery/album/429-wheel-of-time-audiobookebook-covers/
  4. I wanted some new covers for the audiobooks since the old 90's ones weren't too good. I liked the artwork so I mixed the style of the titles on the new TOR ebook covers with the artwork of the original books/ebooks.
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