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Hornsounder July 2017

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  • Word from the MG

July is now upon us which means another month has passed us by.  During the past month the Band saw a great number of things... to recap:


  • I returned from a few months, trapped in the pits of RL
  • Chaelca was awarded the Band's greatest medal, the MG's Cross, for going above and beyond both during my absence as well as her contributions to our SG before and after that.
  • The band began a short, mini-event for summer including a bar, the pool, a game and more.
  • Our regimental staff for the next term began their work at selecting sub-staff which we hope to have in and announced as soon as possible.


July marks the half way point for 2017 and I hope we can all keep it up for the second half of the year, hopefully bringing in a few more recruits as well as some older faces too.

  • Points and Promotions


The Banders have been quite busy lately. I had many points to add since some participated to all of the Band's activities. Indeed, don't forget that these activities can earn you points, lots of them!


So please congratulate Shad and Zep from the Archers who reached the rank of LT for the first one and the rank of Sergeant for the second.


Killa, who was a recruit still a couple of weeks ago is now the brand new Corporal of the Infantry! Well done to all of them !!!




  • Pool Party


After many regimental competitions, the Senior Staff decided to have a try at something a bit different. We opened a pool party to celebrate the end of the last term and the beginning of the new one. Banders had the chance to tell us about the best and the worst swimming pools, to participate to our summer training program and to share the best pool drinks recipe. I have to say that Shad gave us the best one.


I'll quote him here :



1. remove from refrigerator

2. pull tab

3. drink



Don't hesitate to tell us what you think of this one :laugh:


For the ones who missed the event, don't hesitate to have a look at the threads that are still open in the main board !












  • Word from the Executive Officer (XO)


For the month of June, we only had 1 returning member who was Void_Lord. He decided to start from the beginning of Raw Recruit to get the feel of things again. He's currently doing his 1 week with each regiment, getting to know them, and doing interesting and fun activities. Hopefully we will have another new member in the regiment.




  • Recruit of the Month

Void_Lord !!












Zep's Shred Center




Hello fellow Banders! Now that we have a nice, crispy fresh newspaper to enjoy,

​I think it's high time we start learning a few things about one of our favorite things, Music.


​As I have departed on this new and exciting journey that is musicianship, I have learned a few things,


​And these "techniques" that I'm going to share with you are the fundamentals.


​Techniques that will become the foundation upon which one builds their skills!



​Now, before we go any further, I feel it imperative to let you guys know that I am no pro.

​I'm just a little over a year into learning.


​Luckily, I have a pretty dogged guitarist who wants to know everything RIGHT NOW!


​One who doesn't let me slack off.


​With that in mind, lets move on shall we?






Step 1: Strum hand!


​Now on a bass or a guitar, there are many distinct methods to use with your strumming hand.


​I'm going to cover two with you today.


​You can use a pick, and pluck with that, causing a sharper, more distinct tone


​Or you can use your fingers to strum, a more mellow, blended sound.


​Those are the easier of the two, and where most, (myself included), begin.


​I encourage everyone who tries to learn to play around with these two methods first,


​you'll find some surprising beats that you can do with one strum hand method,


​but not another! Your fingers will most likely hurt, that's normal. I've noticed that the Archers


​aren't really affected by it, (we already have finger calluses!)


All it takes is practice! But playing requires two hands,


​And that is where all the fun begins!!


Step two: Fret Hand!


​Now just like the strum hand, there are MANY techniques involved with your fret hand.


I'll start you off with two of the easier ones to accomplish right out of the gate.


They are called the Hammer On ​and his evil twin the Pull Off.


​These techniques are used in dang near every genre of music,


from funk to metal to country and back again!


They are great techniques to have in your arsenal of Rock! (Or ya know, the other kinds of music).


​Since I can only do so much with words, which sadly is not enough,


​I must show you.




Now the pull off is a little more complicated to get down at first.


​(and I messed up a little in this take lol)


​Now, without further ado, the Pull Off!




​Annnnnnnnndddddd since I wanted to show off a little too,

​Well, here ya go!





​Now, I seem to have covered two fret hand techniques, and two for the strum hand,


​so I'll leave you with a little knowledge!



​So on this here guitar, the top string (thick) is the E string, next one down is the A,


​Third is our D, and the little guy on the bottom is your G. That is the tuning for E Standard.


​Most guitars have either 21 frets or 24. The reason behind this eluded me for awhile.


​In music there are a total of 12 notes, but there are many different "Octaves" you can play those notes in.


​Here are those twelve notes.






​Take your top string, which is the E string. When tuned in E Standard, your E string when plucked


​will create an E note while open (not pressing down on the fret board).


​As you move up the fret board fret by fret, you will hit each subsequent note in that octave.


​Fret 1 will be an F note, Fret 2 will be F sharp (G flat), and Fret 3 will be a G.


​So every other fret is a full note, or step, while the frets in between, (the sharps and flats)


​are considered half steps. On an on this goes until you get to the 12th fret. Which is where it starts all over.


​You started at an E, and at that fret it starts all over again, just an Octave higher.


​Now I want to stress this, there are many different tunings one can play in, and every time you change your tune,


​the notes will not be the same as your last tuning.


​For example, if you go from E standard to D standard, your top string when picked open becomes a D.


​So your next note on your first fret would be a D sharp. So on and so on.




​So to all of my fellow Banders who may wish to start shredding,


​I hope this helps you out and gives you a place to start.


​To everyone else who just loves music as much as I do,


​Keep on Rocking (or Rolling) until you must


Dance with Jak O' the Shadows!


PS. Feel free to ask me any questions you want!

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I think the holidays have struck for it is a short paper this month. Still, Led has given us quite the article to enjoy and for some of you to maybe try out (perhaps when you're neighbors are off on their holiday or something).


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I love it! Thanks so much for this hard work !


Now, I'll just try to unhook the hubby from the PS4 so I can have a try with his bass guitar lol

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