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Not new.  Was a regular here many years ago while reading through WOT.  Started the series in college just after The Dragon Reborn came out in hard cover and was a hardcore fan for many years.  Read each book as it came out and to be honest, by the time I finished A Memory of Light I was soooooo over Wheel of Time.  I was very critical of the later books (some of them I absolutely hated - Winter's Heart, Crossroads of Twilight) and honestly thought the epic finale just wasn't one of the better books in the series, hardly as "magnificent" as Brandon Sanderson described it.


But, here I am.  Yes, there are better fantasy series' out there but by gosh there aren't many.  Most of the stuff labeled epic fantasy these days is anything but.  And so, I decided to embark on a second read-through of WOT, or to be more accurate, a listen-through as I am this time opting for the audiobooks.  Just finished The Dragon Reborn today.  Wow, the first half dozen books in this series are spectacular.  


Just a couple of observations:


I think the books lost something when the characters began to quick-travel all over the map.  There's a great deal of exposition, world building, and character development that occurs as each of the characters make their respective journeys to the Blight, to Tar Valon, Tomon Head, and to Tear.  As I recall, the books get to a point where characters are creating portals and jumping all over the map, one of the many ways they quick-travel when the story requires it.


I'm starting to be acutely aware of just how often Rand and Perrin refuse to accept their role in the events that play out.  I've started keeping count in my head of how often Perrin laments "I'm just a blacksmith" or Rand "I'm a shepherd from the Two Rivers."  Their naivety is almost comical to the point of being irritating.  Matt doesn't quite have the same problem.  Yes, he want's to get away but at least he seems to accept the situation and know there's no going back home.





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Welcome back. I'm a recent arrival to DM, but am enjoying it thus far.


I read the series previously, but just begun rereading and am amazed at the things I am finding this time through, but I suppose I am older and wiser, as the phrase goes.


I'm intrigued by your insight, and will watch for it as I continue my re-read. Enjoy your listening experience.

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Welcome Dragonmount !


I hope you'll enjoy your re-read/listen :biggrin:


Do not hesitate to have a look around nor to ask us any question you may have !

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