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Asha'man in Pondering

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Isn't it strange how what used to blow your mind no longer tingles your cranium?

And what used to keep you calm now raises your right hand to defend?

It is a strange own that composes our sonata?

Ever changing and every growing?

Like grieg and ambition began fusing the unknowing.

Don't know what this heart is doing but it's rolling snake eyes.

The beauty lives and mortal dies.

Where do I run, Aes Sedai?

My life is stranger than the Source.

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Welcome to Dragonmount ! Wow, it seems you are a very gifted writer, which i am not especially in English since ... *shows avvie* French is my first language :tongue:


I don't think I'll manage to write anything pretty, so i'll just tell you that if you have questions, you shouldn't hesitate to give us a sign lol

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