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Hi, im new

Guest jj234

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Hi there and welcome.


Whichever boards you can see you are free to join in there.

The site is made up out of 3 main sections:


Getting Started: this is where you are now and kind of speaks for itself. :)


Wheel of Time Discussions: this is where varieties of discussions are held on various topics regarding the Wheel of Time book series on which this site is based. But you may also find other discussions in these boards. When you click on a board you will find pages of various topics (threads) that people are engaging each other in. You are free to join any discussion you are interested in or even start one of your own.

Social Community:

this is where you will find a variety of Social Groups, each one based on the Wheel of Time thematics. Each group has its own dynamic, type of activities, character, identity, etc.


For Role Playing you want to check out the Dragon Reborn Role Play Group. That is where you get to play a character (or several) within a WOT setting.


You are free to join in any of the Groups boards that are available to you.





whichever board you join it is always wise to read up on the rules and regulations of each one. You will generally find those in one of the sticky threads inside the board. These are the topics on top of the list of threads you will find in each group. They usually hold all the information regarding that particulare group and will tell you a lot about them and how to proceed if you wish to be active there.


Also: DMers generally love to help out newcomers so don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. To make a good impression, it will help a great deal if they can tell that you made the effort to read up on the stickies of their particular group.




Hope this helped and you'll enjoy your stay here with us.

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